Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamal says that Sebi rules are meant to protect Indians from the cold US markets


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NEW DELHI: Crediting SebiRegulatory measures to limit the impact of leveraged position on the Indian stock markets ZerodhaCEO Nithin KamathToday said that if the US market got a cold, Dalal Street would get a fever.

“But since 2010, volatility-wise, we’ve been much better compared to the US. While the credit is usually given to more local participation, it has got more to do with SEBI regulations that reduced leverage,” Kamath said.

Kamath, in a Twitter thread, stated that although the Sebi regulations had reduced the revenues of brokers for the short-term, they have led to lower volatility. “This has significantly improved the odds of retail participants doing well. One of those Nazdiki fayda dekhne se pehle, door ka nuksaan sochna chahiye things.”

He claimed that Sebi had imposed a penalty in August 2011 for not collecting end-of-day margins.SPAN) in F&O. Before then, brokers were able to allow customers trade with any margins, even overnight.

“Aug 2014: Min 50% haircut for loan against security. Until then, promoters & HNIs could borrow as much as 100%. A snowball effect resulted from the unwinding LAS positions in 2008, when markets crashed. 50% is considered a high margin for safety. NBFCs, enough to avoid liquidation on bad days,” he said.

In May 2018, penalty was imposed for non-collection of exposure & other margins in addition to SPAN for end-of-day F&O positions and in Nov 2019, Sebi started a penalty for non-collection of end-of-day VAR+ELM margins for stocks. He said that brokers could fund margins for stocks until then.

“July 2020: Peak margin penalty for allowing customers any additional intraday leverage above SPAN+Exposure or VAR+ELM,” said Kamath, who runs India’s largest discount broking platform.


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