Your phone’s lock screen is about to become even more useful


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What’s the latest?

It’s evident that the lock screen will change with the release of iOS 16 and Glance, the US-based lock screen content company. Also, updates to Google’s Pixel smartphone widgets are coming soon.

Why it is important

Most people’s first screen when they open their phones is the lock screen. These updates show that companies are trying better to make use of this space.

Next steps

Apple’s iOS 16 update will officially launch in the fall. It just entered public beta on Monday. Glance has not yet provided any timeline for the US launch.

Imagine how many times your check your mailbox. Phone each day. Consider the wallpaper on your phone’s lock screen. It is probably the first thing that you see when you open it. It could be a photo of your pet or a photograph of a stunning sunset from a recent vacation, or even a piece of art. This could change in a matter of days.

For many years, the lock screen has been considered an intimate area that can be used to store personal photos and important notifications. As evidenced by the increasing use of lock screen real estate by companies, Apple’s iOS 16 Update and other changes reportedly coming to Android phones.

Apple’s iOS 16 Update, which was released today Public beta launchedOn Monday, the iPhone’s new lock screen will feature more customization options and add new widgets. This feature will allow you to quickly see and modify lock screen photos in a similar fashion to the iPhone’s Portrait Mode.

GlanceGoogle-backed subsidiary of the mobile adtech company, ” InMobiThe company also reiterated its intention to bring its lockscreen platform to the US. Google plans to add more information to its lock screen widget for Pixel phones. 

These changes, taken together, suggest that we may not want to swipe past our lock screens as quickly in the future. 

The widget gallery to the iPhone’s lockscreen in iOS 16.

CNET Apple/Screenshot

The iPhone’s lockscreen is getting a major revamp

iOS 16 will bring some of the most important features to iOS 16. The new lock screen. Craig Federighi was Apple’s senior vice-president of software engineering and called it “the largest update ever” when he announced the update. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, June. You will be able to change the font style and color for the date, time and background photo. 

As I’ve written beforeThe new widgets will be more useful for the iPhone’s lock screen. You can already place widgets on the iPhone’s secondary Today View screen. Access it by swiping right. 

iOS 16 also adds widgets on the main lock screen to display bits of information such as the temperature and Activity Rings from Apple Watch. This functionality has been available on Android phones for many years. It’s great to see it again. iPhone follow suit. You can create multiple lock screen and cycle through them just like Apple Watch faces.

It’s possible to add widgets to the iPhone’s Today View from apps like Spotify, Google Maps, Outlook, and Outlook. So I’m not surprised that widgets from third-party companies will be available for the new lockscreen. You can see a Nike widget option in Apple’s WWDC demo. This means that developers might soon have another option to reach iPhone owners and stop their apps getting lost in the user’s app store. 

You can’t know the value of this lock screen without spending time on iOS 16. As I have said before, iOS 16’s new widgets are likely to make your iPhone feel closer to the original. Apple WatchIt seems like an upgrade. Similar to the Apple Watch, it should be easier to see key pieces of information on the new lock screen without having to dig through apps or unlock your device.   

A screenshot of Glance's website showing lock screens on a number of phones

Glance’s website has a screenshot showing its lock screen platform. 

CNET Glance/Screenshot

Soon, Android phone owners will have new options for their lock screen

Glance, which provides entertainment and other digital content to certain Android devices in India or Southeast Asia, is in discussions with wireless carriers to launch in America in the next two months. TechCrunch. The company has not yet revealed the US launch date or other details. However, it did reveal a glimpse at its US lock screen offering Monday. 

Glance’s lock screen will be in the form of what it refers to as “spaces”, which are basically curated lock screens tailored to specific themes. For example, a fitness lock screen would display statistics like calories burned and exercise goals, along with a music player. An information “space” would display headlines and weather while a music version might show live concerts. It reminds me of how iOS 16’s new lockscreen can be tied to different “focuses”, such as work or personal mode. 

The TechCrunch report about Glance’s US arrival sparked concerns that advertisements would be coming to the lock screen, too. Glance’s business page reveals Here are some examples of advertisers They have used it to reach potential clients on the very first screen that their phones display when they pick up their phone. Among the cases are Garnier, Zomato, and Intel. 

CNET was told by Rohan Choudhary that the Glance feed’s vice president and general manger would not allow ads. 

He said, “We are very clear that we will not have any ads on our lock screen in the US.” 

Also, the company published A press release was issued Monday saying it, “has no intentions to show ads on the lock screen surface.” Glance must still prove that the lock screen offers it provides more value than other widgets available for Android users. It will have to find the right balance between showing useful information without being distracting. 

According to the company, it intends to monetize its service via news subscriptions and commerce links that can be found on shopping platforms that are displayed through Glance. These picks must be relevant and useful, otherwise they could feel as intrusive or annoying as ads. It claims that it has a 60% retention rate, and is available on more than 400 million smartphones in the countries where it operates. 

A screenshot showing a fitness-themed lock screen from Glance

Glance, which will launch in the US on April 1, 2019, will focus its lock screen options around certain themes it calls “spaces”. These screenshots are an example for a fitness-oriented area. 

CNET: Glance/Screenshots

Google has its own ways to make the lock screen easier. Google’s At a Glance feature is available for your convenience. Pixel phones shows relevant information on the lock screen when applicable, just as the name implies. A report from recently. 9to5Google It is possible that new widgets will soon be available. At a Glance could include ride sharing updates from Uber and Lyft, which may make it easier to view urgent notifications right from your lock screen. 

These expected changes, regardless of how they were implemented, prove that the lock screen needs to be updated. The lock screen is now an essential part of our smartphones’ lives. It can be used to access information, control home appliances, and order everything, from taxis to grocery orders. Not just showing timely alerts, it’s not enough. 

Whether it is the new widgets for iOS 16, the Pixel’s At a Glance feature, or the lock screen “spaces” from Glance, the goal seems the same: to improve the organization of the flurry updates and notifications that bombard our phones daily. We will see how successful these initiatives are.


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