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You.comToday’s launch of, a new customizable open search platform, is aimed at challenging Google for global search supremacy. YouCodeThe company claims that it is able to help developers be more productive with its specialized search engine.

The startup, which has been around for two years, also announced $25 million in Series A funding from Radical Ventures. users have the ability to search for keywords other than Google, Bing, and Yahoo. AI is used to personalize, customize and adaptVentureBeat was told by Richard Socher, cofounder and CEO, that they would like to see the sources and order of the results. They also wanted to keep their results private. “Google has been dictating the results of your searches for all these years,” he said. has built apps into the platform that enable users to customize searches for the type of work or projects they’re doing. Socher stated that users can use AI to execute an action in the search results. This includes YouWrite (an AI text generator for students, copywriters, and Code Complete (an AI code generation tool).

“Search is powering so much of our lives,” Socher, a former chief scientist at Salesforce, told VentureBeat. “We make medical, business and travel decisions based on search. There’s so much that it’s hard to pinpoint a single one. 

“When you search on, you can make a decision on something, and then it actually helps you execute that decision,” Socher said. “On Google, search and ads send you to secondary sites based on SEO (search engine optimization) results that just funnel traffic to a 24-hour cookie on Amazon or something like that. That’s not helping people.”

Socher explained that YouCode is built on top of the platform to improve code efficiency. It uses the extensibility of the platform to apply the in-house search capability to more than 20 of the most commonly used developer tools, such as Stack Overflow, GitHib, PyTorch, Hugging Face, PyPi, AWS, MDN, JSON formatter, AI-powered code completion & more. 

YouCode’s key features for developers

According to Socher, YouCode also offers the following features:

  • The results include code snippets: The right answer to a coding query is never a blue link — it’s code and explanations. Devs can locate code snippets by simply copying and pasting the buttons next to them.
  • With AI assistance, code: YouCode’s AI can generate code based on a search query with Code Complete, an app that taps into a large neural netTo autocomplete any developer-related query
  • Quickly skim through documentation Quickly read through documentation from AWS or developer-focused publications like “Toward Data Science” using the preview panels that summarize what is most often helpful from a source.
  • Access tutorials, academic publications and more:W3 Schools apps are great to start with, but advanced developers can easily jump to more difficult tutorials. In addition to Github repos, they can discover great content from academic publications like Arxiv to dig into the “why” behind the code from the authors themselves.
  • Catch data errors faster:Validate any JSON files with the JSON Syntax Validator application right on the search result page.
  • Choose colors It’s easy to find the exact color by toggling with the hue and transparency scales. To find their color anywhere else, you can copy their HEX and RGB values to your clipboard.
  • Websites that are fast: Access 13,000+ !bang shortcuts to go to other sites’ search results right from your search bar., which is based in San Francisco, plans to let external developers and organisations build apps for the platform at some point later this year. It’s part of its mission to create an open, collaborative search experience. Socher explained. 

“The goal is to give back control of the internet to users and the community,” he said. “Developers will be able to build apps that run within the search results pages, using state-of-the-art search technologies that has developed as part of its search platform.” 

Socher announced that will also open source several popular apps in order to let developers improve search results for all users. will open-source several of its popular apps to developers by submitting an inquiry. Developers can also be added to the waiting list for the program. Here.

The new funding brings’s total capital raised to $45 million since its inception in late 2020. In addition to Radical Ventures, returning seed round investors included Marc Benioff’s Time Ventures, Breyer Capital, Norwest Venture Partners and Day One Ventures. can be used on iOS and Android. also has a Chrome extension for changing the default search engine. You can also use the coding-specific VS Code extension while coding to search code snippets, and stay in your flow.

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