Which Prime Minister Candidates are Most Likely to Replace Boris Johnson


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11 people are running for the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s replacement. They have platforms to lower taxes and keep government clean, which is in stark contrast to Johnson’s mishandling crisis.

The 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers announced Monday that a new leader would take office on September 5, the day that parliament returns from its summer break. The candidate lists will close Monday and the first round voting will take place on Wednesday. The shortlist will be reduced to two candidates and distributed to grassroots party members for them to vote on.

Jeremy Hunt

Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt.

Image Source-New Statesman

Johnson was elected the leader in 2019. Hunt, who was a former foreign and health secretary, won the leadership vote in 2019.

Hunt, in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph in Britain, suggested that Hunt was the only major candidate not to have served in Boris Johnson’s government.

The outgoing foreign secretary said that he saw it as a duty for anyone who supports Britain’s Conservative leadership tradition to reflect on the possibility that it will continue unabated. Millions of people don’t believe in those values. They don’t even agree with it on policy or sentiment. There is a good chance we will give it up without fighting. Vote for Brexit and win for Conservatives. It is either change or lose that today’s decision will be made.

Hunt stressed Johnson’s potential for electoral success more than his policies and the partygate scandal in his statement. This decision could be read as an appeal to Tory MPs or members who would decide a leadership election. But he comes with baggage. Labour Party sources claim they have already written attack lines against him.

This election is impossible for Jeremy. Labour can claim he has a history with healthcare. He was in charge of it for six years, and was unable to plan for a pandemic. They can also say that Jeremy has a bad record with communications. He tried to establish a relationship with Murdoch when he was Secretary for Culture, while the phone hacking scandal was unfolding.

Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid, former Health Secretary.

Source: Times Image

Johnson’s former secretary of health, whose resignation caused a wave in departures from his administration led to Johnson’s candidacy being officially announced on Sunday.

For me, it’s not just one single problem, he said. You need somebody with an economic plan from day one and that will lead you to meet this country’s challenges both in the short term and in the long term, where I talk about not just unemployment but lower levels of growth. My economic plan would focus on two-tiered goals. On the one hand, I want to help people face challenges such as the rising cost of living. On the other, I want to change the tax code and generate real growth.

Tweets from Home Secretary Javid, Sunday, highlighting the need for integrity, experience, and an economic growth tax-cutting program.

Javid said that there was something fundamentally wrong with the government. This sentiment was expressed in his resignation speech at the House of Commons.

Javid supporters hope that Johnson’s will be forced upon him after he unsuccessfully ran for the party leadership on two occasions. This time, the MP resigned. From 2019 to 2020, he was the chancellor.

His family moved from Pakistan to the UK in 1960s. His father was bus driver.

Penny Mordaunt

Britain’s Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt.

Image Source: GOV.UK

On Sunday, she announced her leadership candidacy, which was one of the most popular at the betting table. According to the website Conservative Home, she came in second place in a poll of Conservative Party members. Ben Wallace, the current defense secretary, was out of consideration.

Penny Mordaunt first became a member of parliament in 2010. She then became defense secretary under Theresa May.

Mordaunt declined an interview request a few weeks ago to say whether she supported the Prime Minister. Westminster insiders were confused when she stated that I didn’t choose this Prime Minster.

She announced her intention to run as a leader candidate and stressed that the party should think more about what they need and less about their. Margaret Thatcher, who was the first woman to serve in the role of Defense Minister, is remarkable for her ability to create change and invoke her name. This has set the standard for other leaders to follow.
She had a vision and a strategy. She added, “So do I.”

Rishi Sunak

Britain’s former Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Image Source: The Sun

A Friday announcement video by the former chancellor, in which he shared the story about his parents, Indian immigrants from East Africa who immigrated to Britain, officially revealed that Johnson would be succeeding him. He said that his country had given them and millions of others the opportunity to live a better lifestyle. This country must be guided in the right directions, in my opinion.”

Sunak has served as Johnson’s heir apparent for the last few months. He first gained Johnson’s admiration by leading Britain’s initial financial response against the Covid-19 pandemic. He has had his share of scandals since then.

His status has taken a major hit since he was revealed to have violated Covid rules and attended the prime minister’s birthday celebration on June 19, 2020.

The minister’s legal and financial affairs were scrutinized after reports surfaced about his wife’s nondomicile status in Britain. She did not pay any taxes for it.

Recent high inflation has caused his popularity to plummet. Critics claim that he is responsible in part for inadequate or slow measures. The economic woes faced by Britons after Hammond’s tenure at the UK’s chancellor for the exchequer include dropping wages which had never been this low in 21 years and inflation of 9.1% May, the highest inflation in over 40 years.

Although he isn’t the most popular choice among bookmakers for the job, he’s still high on the odds-on favorites.

Liz Truss

Liz Truss, UK Foreign Minister

Image Source- Reaction.Life

A recent article by the foreign secretary revealed her intention to be the next prime Minister. She stated that taxes will be cut immediately if she is elected in order to resolve the country’s high cost of living crisis.

Liz Truss was made chief negotiator between the U.K. government and the EU for the Brexit deal. It was December 2021. Since then she has served in various cabinet posts. She voted to stay in 2016, and since then has been a vocal euroskeptic voice in government. Many attribute this to her desire to be the head of the cabinet.

Her formidable and committed team – some of which were in Number 10, has produced slick photos, videos and videos of her to demonstrate that she is an outstanding stateman. Because of her leadership role in the Russian invasion of Ukraine response, and because she wore a headscarf while driving a tank, it has made her look like Margaret Thatcher.

Her expertise in foreign policy was highlighted by a piece she wrote for The Telegraph. She stated that she was the leader of the international response to Putin’s war in Ukraine, as Foreign Secretary. The package included tough sanctions which have caused real pain for Putin and the Kremlin.

Truss is popular with Conservative members who would decide the winner. Johnson’s fall could also make Johnson unpopular, and voters may turn to a backbencher in order to fill the position.

Tom Tugendhat

Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the committee.

Image Source – Twitter

Tom Tugendhat, a former British soldier officer and chair of The Foreign Affairs Committee has been one Johnson’s harshest critics. He has advocated that the Conservative Party abandon its divisive political tactics and instead work with the British Military.

After having served his country in the army and as a member of parliament, Tugendhat answered the call to be a Prime Minister.

He shared his vision of addressing the UK’s crisis of cost-of-living, reducing taxes, and investing in areas that are underserved.

Although the Speaker is new to Parliament, he has never served in cabinet or shadow cabinet. However, he gained some stature in parliamentary discussions due to his oratory skillset and gravitas. After serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, he was made a MP for the first time in 2015.

Although there are many Conservatives that have already supported the relative wildcard candidate, some worry that his experience too focuses on foreign policy.

Nadhim Zahawi

Nadhim Zhawi, Britain’s new Chancellor at the Exchequer, was recently appointed.

Image Source- Hindustan Times

Two days after Johnson appointed Sunak to his replacement, Zahawi made a public call to Johnson for him to resign. Later, he launched his campaign to succeed Johnson.

Despite his rapid rise under Johnson, he’s considered unlikely to be the next leader for the Conservative Party. Zahawi, however, has accomplished great things. He was a vaccine minister and an excellent education secretary.

He also promised to lower taxes for families, individuals, and businesses, to increase defense expenditures, and to continue the education reforms which he initiated in his previous position.

Zahawi’s vote for the United Kingdom leaving the European Union in 2016 is well-received by the moderate section of the party. He hasn’t been in government for long enough to be able to point out any obvious flaws. He voted for Boris Johnson during the party’s confidence vote, but he doesn’t believe that Boris Johnson was a key part of the plot.

Zarahwi was raised in Iraq by Kurdish parents and fled Saddam Hussein’s regime with his family as a child. According to some, he is the richest politician in the House of Commons. He also founded YouGov.

Young boy can run for Prime Minister, even though he knows very little English.

Suella Braverman

Attorney General Suella Braverman.

Image Source: Daily Express

Johnson’s current Attorney General is urging him to resign. He said she would replace him in a leadership role if she was given the chance.

Daily Telegraph reported that she declared Brexit the most important decision in her life the week before, and launched her bid. Her views were clarified later: My views aren’t triangulated nor calibrated. They are as much part of me than my DNA.

Braverman was elected as MP for Fareham in 2015

Grant Shapps

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary.

Source: Wikipedia

In a tweet, the transport secretary said that he was a problem solver with a track record of delivery in his bid to become prime minister.

Grant Shapps stated that he would make a variety of changes during his first 100 days of office. These changes include low taxes for the most vulnerable people and financial support for companies that rely on energy production.

We’ve had two-and a half years of deliberative, but sometimes careless, government. This is over. According to Shapps, we must be strategic in our understanding of this issue and not become fixated on the latest news item.

Mr. A. is the MP for Welwyn-Hatfield and was elected in 2005. He held several ministerial posts, including one as a former chair of the Conservative party.

Kemi Badenoch

Conservative MP Kemi Badenoch.

Source: lknowallnews.com

Justine Greening, former Equalities Minister started her bid for leadership in an op-ed published at the Times of London newspaper. It expressed her desire to have a strong government but one that is focused on the basics.

Wednesday was Kemi Badenoch’s resignation. She cited the problems that had become apparent and how they were dealt with.

She wrote that truth will set us free on Saturday. That’s why I run for leadership. Badenoch stated in 2016 that she would run on a “nimble, smart center-right platform.”

Rehman Chishti

Conservative MP Rehman Chishti.

Image Source – Grassroot Diplomat

The Foreign Office minister, newly appointed, entered the race Sunday as the largest outsider.

Rehman Chishti was born in Pakistan and moved to the UK when he was six years old. He learned English at his Gillingham elementary school. He was the first person in his family to earn a law degree after graduating from university.

He stated that it was important for all people who work hard, are determined, and persevere to have a government on their side. In a Facebook video, he announced his candidacy. He also said that he would bring new ideas and a low tax rate to improve the lives of the people.


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