What happens next for vaping


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Michael Calore: I used vape all the times.

Lauren Goode: What did you do?

Michael CaloreIt was in vogue back around five or six years ago. Yeah.

Lauren Goode: I’m sorry, I missed your vaping stage. I joined WIRED four years ago.

Michael Calore:

Lauren Goode: What would YOU do if you ran out of vape juice around the world?

Michael Calore: I would likely just smoke a cigarette.

Lauren Goode: Oh, really? All right. Let’s talk about it.

[Gadget Lab intro theme music plays]

Lauren Goode: Hi, everyone. We are glad you’re here Gadget Lab. I’m Lauren Goode. WIRED’s senior writer is me.

Michael Calore: I’m Michael Calore. I am a senior editor at WIRED.

Lauren GoodeMike, welcome back.

Michael Calore:

Lauren Goode: We really missed your presence.

Michael Calore: I missed you too.

Lauren Goode: And by “we” I’m speaking for our audience too, because I’m assuming they missed you.

Michael Calore: You and our audience were missed as well.

Lauren Goode: We’re joined this week by Arielle Pardes (Wired senior writer), who is our former Gadget LabCohost and friend of the pod. Hey Arielle.

Arielle Pardes: Hi. It’s great being back with you guys.

Lauren Goode: It’s great that you are back. OK. We are now referring to vaping. It’s origins and why it was so popular. And what the future might hold for vaping now regulators are clamping down. For those not hooked, vapes can be described as those electronic nicotine sticks that your high-schooler might keep in their pocket.

In the last few years, e-cigarettes have seen a boom in popularity. It is now a multibillion dollar industry. Juul is at the forefront. Juul Labs, the company behind the Juul vape was valued at $38Billion in 2018. However, this wouldn’t be the last straw. The FDA tried to prohibit Juul products’ sale in the United States. Juul has now objected to the FDA’s order. A judge stayed it, but Juul’s fate remains in doubt due to legal battles.

Arielle, you wrote this story for WIRED.com. Tell us about Juul’s history before we dive into the FDA’s crackdown against nicotine products. What year was Juul launched? And why is this particular vape so popular?

Arielle Pardes: Sure. The Juul story began in 2014, the year the product was launched. Juul’s cofounders were involved in the development of an ecigarette for approximately 10 years. They met at Stanford, where they were in the masters of design program and—

Lauren Goode: One does what one does and goes to Stanford. There, he majors in design. He makes a cigarette.


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