- RUSH.GG is a new gaming and esports platform that offers a one-stop-solution for gamers, fans, communities, content creators, gaming organisations, and publishers.

- The platform has a diverse product range consisting of various features such as news, creator hubs, tournaments, events, and content.

- RUSH.GG has launched with a large and unique inaugural community event that brings together some of the biggest and best-known creators in the German- and in the English-speaking communities onto the platform.

- With its international launch, RUSH.GG is rolling out platform solutions for the GSA market, UK, Scandinavia, and target audiences from the Benelux countries.

- The so-called RUSH.GG:HUBs are the central element of this ecosystem and enable communities, sponsors, brands, and creators from all angles of the market to set up their gaming refuge.

- Core features like tournaments, marketplaces, user rankings, shop systems, and gamification capacitate running a full-fletched esports platform with very little efforts.

- The initial roster of partners is equally astounding and promising: Nepenthez, ZwebackHD, CapgunTom, DannyAarons, AJ