Watches from Samsung and Apple Leaked in Leaks


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Watch out—New timekeepingWearables from Samsung and Apple are coming soon.

Mark Gurman, an Apple whisperer, reports that Apple to ReleaseA ruggeder version of it Apple WatchIt will be available in the near future. Although it is expected to be the largest Apple Watch, its screen will only be slightly larger than the Series 7’s 1.9-inch face. It’s said to be built with a stronger metal frame and more durable screen and aimed at extreme sports enthusiasts. Perhaps the most significant improvement in the Apple Watch’s battery life is its ability to last for up to 18 hours. This was an unacceptable feat in the past models. Gurman believes that this ultra Apple Watch will be more durable, but not by how much. Who knows, maybe it’ll even last a full day now.

It’s been a leaky week for watches, with 91Mobiles exposing some detailsFind out what the future holds Samsung’s next timepiece. The Galaxy Watch 5, as it’s said to be called, will come in two flavors: the plain old Watch 5 and the Watch 5 Pro. The “Pro” name appears to be how Samsung is now branding its pricier model; on the Galaxy Watch 4 it used the name “Classic” for that, which was arguably less clear. The Watch 5 Pro appears to be a Pro model. Eliminate the rotating bezelReplaced the Classic with a touch sensitive frame

When either of those new watches might be released isn’t clear, but it’s likely that they’ll emerge in the fall, when both companies tend to announce new products.

Here’s some more news from the gadget world:

Twitter’s Testing Two-eets

Elon Musk seems to be interested. Retourof his bid for Twitter to be bought. (Cue the Lawsuits.) It’s not a real shock, considering that the DealIt has been From the beginning, it was rockyThis has only gotten more so Chaos Confrontational.

Despite all the turmoil, the company is still going strong and trying out some new features. The latest is something Twitter’s calling Co-TweetsIt will allow users to collaborate on tweets. It currently supports only co-writing between two people. One invites the other, then the finished tweet will go out to both users’ followers.

This Google Doc-ification of tweets isn’t available for everyone just yet (if it ever will be). For now, Twitter says it’s trying out the feature with a select group of users for a limited time. After that, God only knows what’s next for Twitter.

Oh, and nope, there’s been no update on that Edit button yet.

Volkswagen Wants to be Eco-Conscious Right Now

Volkswagen, a German automobile company, has Start buildingThis is the first of six planned European battery factories. This one is located in Salzgitter (Germany) and is expected eventually to produce enough batteries to power half a thousand electric vehicles. It’ll be at least 2025 before the plant is actually producing cells, but the process is in motion.

The company is making a huge move and shifting to electric vehicles. Volkswagen has been viewed as an environmental villain ever since it was caught. To cheat US emission tests, its vehicles were rigged2015. It affected thousands of vehicles and led to large recalls and severe fines. This also hampered any efforts Volkswagen made to promote an eco-friendly image. There’s a clear financial incentive for the company, as Electric cars are in high demandThis is a growing industry. Volkswagen could be trying to clean up its act by pulling this off.

TikTok Closes Shop

Last week, TikTok’s presence was noticed Test out a new Shop tabIn its app. This experiment is now seeming to be losing its steam. According to Financial TimesTikTok made the decision to Slow down your shopping plans, and it won’t be expanding the feature to Europe or the US just yet. The app’s parent company, China’s ByteDance, blamed the reversal on low engagement in the UK, where the company had been testing the Shop feature. TikTok’s presence in the UK has been tumultuous in general, with the Shop feature causing friction among employees at the company’s London office. Though TikTok may have shut up Shop for now in some places, it’s still available in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia.


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