Unprecedented developments occurred in Sri Lanka: Strategic affairs specialists


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NEW DELHI: Unprecedented developments in Sri LankaIn the face of the fury expressed by the people against the, they were inevitable RajapaksaIndia’s top strategic affairs specialists praised the Indian government for its handling of economic crisis.
The same time, they stated that President Trump’s actions will not make the economic situation significantly better. Gotabaya RajapaksaThe decision to step down will pave the way towards the formation of an all party government.
After thousands of protesters stormed his residence, President Rajapaksa declared on Saturday that he would resign on July 13. Ranil WickremesingheThe private residence of a woman was set on fire.
Wickremesinghe also stated that he would resign.
“This was inevitable. The popular sentiment was against Rajapaksas. They have lost their political capital,” Ambassador Ashok. KanthaPTI.
Kantha who served as Indian High Commission to Sri Lanka in 2009-2013, stated that there was a “fairly strong and unanimous political demand” that Rajapaksas should step down.
Prime Minister Mahinda RajapaksaAfter massive protests in Sri Lanka, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s elder brother, he resigned on May 9.
Ambassador G Parthasarathy served as Indian envoy in several countries, including Myanmar and Pakistan. He said that the turbulent events in Colombo reflect the “public anger”.
They have not targeted any diplomatic missions or other institutions. He said that it was carefully targeted and showed results, as a coalition government was emerging.
Kantha said that Sri Lanka has no time to spare because the economic crisis is unprecedented and will not be resolved simply by Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s resignation.
He stated, “I believe the new government must come in at the earliest possible and try to deal with the crisis.”
Ambassador Parthasarathy blasted the Western powers for failing to support Sri Lanka in times of crisis and pouring billions of money of assistance to Ukraine.
He expressed gratitude to India for its generosity in aiding Sri Lanka.
Ashok Sajjanhar (another veteran diplomat) blamed the Rajapaksa brother’s “arrogance”, for the current crisis that is raging in Sri Lanka.
“The developments taking place in Sri Lanka are troubling and concerning. Sajjanhar stated to PTI that the Sri Lankan leadership, especially President Gotabaya Rajapaksa should have decided to leave the scene earlier.
“Even now, he is dragging himself. Is he announcing that he will be resigning on July 13th? What is the significance of July 13th? He said that he should immediately leave and make way for an all-party government to be formed as soon as possible.”
Ambassador Kantha spoke out about India’s response to developments in Sri Lanka. He described it as “balanced” and “carefully-crafted”.
India’s first response to the political chaos in Colombo on Sunday was to say that it supports the people of Sri Lanka in their aspirations for progress and prosperity through democratic values, established institutions, and a constitutional framework.
Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson for External Affairs Ministry, stated that India stands by the people of Sri Lanka in their efforts to achieve their aspirations for progress and prosperity through democratic values, established institutions, and a constitutional framework.


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