Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks Are Nearly Here


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Source of the image: The Verge

Toyota unveiled its plans to roll out the Mirai, a hydrogen fuel-cell car, in the U.S., and already it’s making waves in the marketplace, but there’s another announcement the automaker made at the Tokyo Motor Show that may prove even more impactful in the long run: plans to introduce a hydrogen fuel-cell truck next year for use in Japan.

Toyota will collaborate with three other partners in the development of light-duty fuel cell electric vehicles with the aim to launch them in Japan next spring.

Toyota stated Tuesday that it would be partnering with Isuzu Motors, Hino Motors and Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation for the project. Isuzu, Hino and Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation made the same statement on their respective websites as Toyota.

There are potential applications for fuel cell vehicles in supermarkets and convenience stores, where light-duty trucks are needed to transport multiple packages at once over long distances and over extended periods of time.

Vehicles operating in this segment must also have fast refueling.

FC is allowed to operate under these conditions. [fuel cell]High energy density hydrogen and zero CO2 emissions during driving is considered efficient technology.

After January 2023, the company will use light-duty fuel cells trucks to distribute its products in Fukushima Prefecture as well as other Tokyo projects.

Hino Motors is part of the Toyota Group. CJPT was created by Isuzu Toyota, Hino and Toyota in 2021.

Toyota developed fuel-cell vehicles in 1992. The hydrogen from a tank reacts with oxygen to make electricity.

The Mirai, a hydrogen fuel-cell sedan, was launched by the company in 2014. It claims that its fuel cell vehicles emit no water from their tailpipes.

Toyota is also developing larger hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles like the Sora buses and prototype heavy-duty trucks. Toyota is also exploring hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine options.

Toyota shares year-to date

CJPT, Suzuki, Daihatsu and Toyota also announced plans for battery-electric mini-commercial vehicles.

BEV, the mini-commercial van [battery electric vehicle]According to the announcement, these four companies will use the technology in social implementation projects in Fukushima Prefecture (and Tokyo)
Daihatsu (a subsidiary of Toyota) is an entity. Toyota owned a 4.9% stake in Suzuki as of March 31, 2022.

Toyota, in addition to its hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, is trying to compete on the battery-electric market where companies like Tesla and Volkswagen are jockeying.

Toyota issued a recall for over 2,000 vehicles in its all-electric SUV, bZ4X, in June 2022.


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