TMSEp214: Trades in rupee, Nicholas Stern and mid-small caps, market correction


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India’s central bank on Monday announced a mechanism to settle international trade in rupee. This will make it easier to trade with Russia and other countries that are under US sanctions. We find out more about the Reserve Bank of India’s decision and its likely impact.

The Russian invasion in Ukraine is in some ways encouraging countries to look beyond US dollar trade. Nicholas Stern, professor of Economics from the London School of Economics believes that war may also help to accelerate the transition away fossil fuels. He spoke to Business Standard’s Asit Ranjan Mishra on wide ranging issues, including the focus areas and reforms that India should undertake to become a developed economy?

In markets, however, mid-and small-cap indexes have outperformed larger-cap peers in July so that time. This begs the question: What are these market segments attracting investors? And will they continue to outperform their large-cap peers in July?

Most investors look for exit routes when stock markets are in correction. They believe that they will re-enter the market after it has ended. This phenomenon is called “market timing”. Experts don’t recommend it as no one manages to pull it off consistently over a period of time. This podcast episode offers some helpful tips for mutual fund investors.

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