The Woman King Proves That Female-Led Action Movies Are Here to Stay


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When The Woman King opened on over 1,200 screens nationwide this weekend, it became one of the most successful films that no one had ever heard of. Made on an ultra-low budget and with virtually no marketing campaign, this film took in $17 million dollars despite overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics (it currently has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes). According to many box office experts, this unexpected success will be the beginning of a new era in filmmaking: the era of female-led action movies.

Image Source- Los Angeles Times

Gina Prince-“The Bythewood’s Woman King” is generating the type of talk — and ticket sales — that the box office sorely needs during a down period in the film calendar.

The all-female regiment of warriors action movie outperformed Sony’s $12 million prediction by earning $19 million at the American box office during its first weekend.

In the 1820s, in the African nation of Dahomey, Viola Davis plays a general entrusted with raising the next generation of warriors.

According to Shawn Robbins, chief analyst at, “The Woman King” debuted beyond projections and appears to be in line for a very good theatrical run.

According to him, it’s a much-needed boost in revenue for theatres during this slow start to the autumn season as well as for studios building up their backlog of original material and adult-targeted dramas.

EntTelligence data shows that over 1.4 million individuals saw the movie within its first three days in theatres, with 33% choosing premium format tickets. These tickets often sold for $4.50 more than standard ticket rates.

Older female viewers, a group that has been reluctant to visit theatres since the Covid epidemic, were the main drivers of overall ticket sales. According to Sony’s research, 71% of ticket buyers were older than 25 and 58% of them were women.

Additionally, 56% of all opening weekend ticket purchases in the United States and Canada were from Black audiences.

Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore, noted that “The Woman King” “demonstrates that positive, culturally oriented storylines may appeal powerfully across all viewers” similar to “Black Panther”. And this “King” could have a long reign in cinemas thanks to excellent reviews and award hype.

Both spectators and critics have praised the movie. On Rotten Tomatoes, the aggregate rating for critic reviews is now 95% “Fresh,” while the rating for general public reviews is 99%.

Box office experts predict that “The Woman King” will quickly recover its $50 million production cost and has the potential to reach a wider audience as word of mouth grows, much like Paramount and Skydance’s “Top Gun: Maverick” has recently.

“The Woman King,” according to Dergarabedian, “showed the power of a brilliantly promoted epic with a terrific star, inspirational plot, and a favourable release date to lure people in what has been characterised as a “slow period” at the box office.”


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