The Secret Hi-Speed Telecom Project Google is Spinning Out


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The newest Google spinoff, Aalyria, claims to “radically” enhance cellular connection, Wi-Fi on aircraft and ships, and satellite communications.
Aalyria was given access to Alphabet’s technology, intellectual property, patents, office space, and other assets earlier this year, according to Alphabet.
An $8.7 million federal military contract has been won by the firm.

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Within Google,
Behind the scenes, a group of technologists has been developing software for high-speed communication networks that reach into space.

The top-secret project, known internally at Google as “Minkowski,” will be made public on Monday under the name Aalyria.

In a news release, Aalyria stated that its goal is to manage “hyper-fast, ultra-secure, and highly complex communications networks that span land, sea, air, near space, and deep space.” Google declined to provide information about Aalyria, such as how long it has been working on the technology or how many employees are joining the startup.

Aalyria’s software platform has been utilised in several aerospace networking projects for Google, and the business claims to have laser communications technology “on an exponentially bigger scale and speed than anything that exists now.”

The spinout occurs as Alphabet, the parent company of Google, mulls a slowdown in ad spending and looks to progress or discontinue experimental ventures. This includes looking for outside money for some of the ideas it has been nurturing for years. Outside investors have provided funding to companies like the medical sciences firm Verily and the self-driving vehicle manufacturer Waymo, while Alphabet has shut down projects like Makani, which was developing power-generating kites, and the internet-beaming balloon company Loon.

The U.S. and Aalyria (pronounced ah-Leer-eeh-ah) have a commercial deal worth $8.7 million, according to Aalyria. Unit for Defense Innovation. CEO Chris Taylor, a specialist in national security who has run previous businesses that have collaborated with the government, will be in charge of the organisation. According to Taylor’s LinkedIn page, he started a stealthy firm in November and currently serves as its CEO.

Alphabet has been vying for more lucrative government contracts, and earlier this year the company unveiled “Google Public Sector,” a new division aimed largely at partnering with the American government through Google Cloud.

Along with numerous former Google employees and executives, Vint Cerf, Google’s chief internet evangelist and regarded as one of the web’s founding fathers, serves on Aalyria’s advisory board.

Google will continue to hold a small investment in Aalyria, but it would not disclose how much of the firm it owns or how much outside money it has received. Google said that it gave Aalyria access to roughly 10 years’ worth of patents, physical assets, and intellectual property earlier this year.

Data will be kept “intact across the environment and weather and offered connection where no supporting infrastructure exists,” according to Aalyria’s “Tightbeam” light laser technology.

According to the business, “Tightbeam substantially enhances satellite communications, Wi-Fi on ships and aircraft, and cellular connectivity everywhere.”


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