The Post-Credits Scene didn’t have the Best Cameo from ‘Thor, Love and Thunder’


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No matter what the internet looks like FeelsMarvel’s article about it Thor: Love and ThunderIt was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. You won’t be disappointed even if you haven’t seen Thor films before.).

My favorite part was definitely the screaming goats. Or maybe it was the perfect B movie feel of the shadow realm planet showdown, which gave me shades. 1981’s Clash of the TitansI was utterly ridiculous for a moment. MCU knowledgeMade Please send meThe sight of Darryl JacobsonAs a New Asgard tour guide, he simply lives his best life and loves it.

Darryl (played here by Daley Pearson, aka creator of Bluey — something I definitely did not know until recently/yesterday possibly because I do not have children) first appeared in 2016 in a series of MCU short films. Daryl was Thor’s roommate during the time Thor adjusted to Earth’s post-apocalyptic world. Captain America Civil War. In the first short, Thor learns how to send emails (sorta) and how he can live with another person (ehh… kinda). These shorts are not directly related to Thor: Love and Thunder but they do provide great fan service. 

There are three shorts, each with Darryl the office worker. They were all written and directed jointly by Taika Waititi who also directed the new film. I think that explains why Darryl is there. 

The final (maybe) installment of the series is Darryl and his teamThe following is an account of the events in Thor: Ragnarok. Darryl has just moved to Los Angeles and is searching for a new roommate. This is likely because Thor is out-of-world, not because he’s a delinquent. The Grandmaster replies to the advertisement, which goes as smoothly as you would expect.

Subscribe to Disney PlusAll three are included in the Marvel One-Shots Collection. Infinity SagaOne-shots: The Consultant, A Funny Thing Occurred on the Way To Thor’s Hammer; Item 47; the original Agent Carter short. 


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