The Best Sci-Fi Movies on HBO Max


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HBO Max is absolutely stuffed with sci-fi movies, from the classics to recent blockbusters to smaller gemsThere are more people who need to see. You should also check out the little Spanish gem Timecrimes and Moon, starring Sam Rockwell, and Monsters, directed by Gareth Edwards.

Scroll down to see all the options on Max.

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This incredible sci-fi movie starring Sam Rockwell is low-budget and has everything. It features Sam Rockwell. Clint Mansell’s score. Retro set that is claustrophobic and moody with beautiful moonscapes. Hard sci-fi ideas. The basic idea: A man who has spent three years alone on the moon’s far side experiences a personal crisis. This is a must-see.

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A routine blockbuster for reliable entertainment.

Manson International

Before you start playing this David Cronenberg sci fi, here’s a warning. Scanners is a story about people who have special abilities. Scanners was not the first movie on this list to be a cult favorite after receiving a mixed response. However, it left an impression with a memorable scene that involved a head explosion.

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Robert Rodriguez This isn’t the most lovedStar Wars fans love the idea of having a character perform a pointless ballet dance in the divisive. Finale of The Book of Boba Fett. Rodriguez directs The Faculty. It is not great but it isn’t terrible either. The Faculty follows teens who investigate strange happenings at high school.

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The 1970s are the setting for Basically Stranger Things. Super 8 tells the story of a group teenagers filming their own movie, when a train runs aground and a mysterious presence starts stalking their town.

Warner Bros.

Denis Villeneuve’s sci fi blockbuster is now available on HBO Max. This epic, based on Frank Herbert’s novel, won a number of Oscars including best original score or cinematography. The sprawling story of the Atreides family who are at war with the dangerous planet Arrakis. Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya and more stack out a hugely impressive ensemble cast.

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The latest season of HBO’s WestworldIf you don’t have the opportunity to catch it on TV right now, you might as well watch the source material. The concept of the series is almost identical to the original: A tourist attraction transports guests to themed worlds including a Western World. James Brolin is one of the characters among the creepy humanoid Androids. This is a great sci-fi thriller. It’s easier to comprehend than the. It spawned a series.

Universal Pictures

The new Jurassic Park movie is coming to theaters in 2015. Make sure you catch up on the (superior!) original Jurassic Park movie now. Based on Michael Crichton’s novel, Jurassic Park was released in 1993. Spoiler Alert: Original cast members Laura Dern (Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum) will make a return to the show. The 2022 flick.

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The sequel did not reach the same heights. So, watch the original Pacific Rim monster epic. Guillermo Del Toro will be the director of Pacific Rim 2013. Expect to see a lot more visual artistry than the monster mayhem.

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This Spanish sci-fi masterpiece is truly mind-bending. Timecrimes features all the charms of a low budget thriller and follows a man in his middle years who is trapped in a loop time. There will be many twists that will keep you guessing.

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The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Roland EmmerichThe Day After Tomorrow, presented by, “masters of disaster”. He also directed this year’s MoonfallIn this movie, the moon collides with Earth as it falls from its orbit. This movie will be a lot of fun, as you already know.

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The build-a-scifi-movie workshop was responsible for the creation of Oblivion. The movie stars Tom Cruise. It follows humans fighting aliens. The movie pays tribute to the ’70s scifi films Silent Running, The Omega Man, and The Omega Man. A half-decent scifi action adventure that serves as a love letter.

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Gareth Edwards directed this solid British sci-fi, and also directed Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in 2014 and Godzilla in 2014. This film showcases his mastery in atmosphere, wonder, and beauty, all while working on a tight budget. Monsters tells the story about a couple trying to cross an Infected zone filled with gigantic tentacled monsters.

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You can skip spoilers for The Matrix if you haven’t seen it and don’t know the major plot points. Reloaded, Revolutions, and Resurrections follow the original film. They are also available on HBO Max.

Stephen Vaughan

You can watch two and a quarter hours of dramatic, sumptuous spectacle. But don’t expect to find any answers to the original Blade Runner question: Is Rick Deckard a duplicate?

Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, forever the pinnacle neonoir visual artistry will be remembered as a masterpiece of visual art.

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ColossalIt may appear to be a romantic comedy at first glance, but there are dark undertones. Anne Hathaway plays Anne Hathaway, a sexy out-of-work journalist. She returns home to New Hampshire after Dan Stevens, her British boyfriend dumps her. The next chapter is both unexpected and profoundly metaphoric. She discovers that she has a connection to a Kaiju monster, which is destroying Seoul in South Korea. Yes, Colossal is full of soul. Jason Sudeikis’s performance was outstanding and the story was imaginative and thrilling.

Warner Bros.

You can love it or hate it, but it is entertaining and eye-popping entertainment. Best advice: Do not question Tenet. Just enjoy the Tenet experience.

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This is the best Christopher Nolan movie.

Video by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Charlton Heston stars in this dystopian thriller. It is set in 2022, where there are overpopulation, climate change and pollution. This is not a documentary.

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The Dead Zone is a sci-fi thriller by David Cronenberg that was inspired by a Stephen King book. What more can you ask for to make you want to see it? Maybe there is a plot. Christopher Walken stars in the role of a school teacher who wakes from a deep sleep to discover that he has psychic powers. He uses them to stop a certain politician becoming president. Stranger Things has referenced The Dead Zone as an 80s horror. It is also one of the best Stephen King adaptations.

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2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

“Alexa! Play 2001: A Space Odyssey.”

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The sci-fi mystery of Westworld’s creator (Lisa Joy), is mind-boggling, but the intriguing ideas are well worth the effort. Reminiscence stars Hugh Jackman as Nick Bannister. He uses a machine which can see into the memories of others.

Terminator 2 – Judgment Day (1991).

What is the best Terminator movie? Watch The Terminator 2 to make your decision.

Katalyst/CNET Screenshot

The Butterfly Effect (2004)

The Butterfly Effect, a B-movie with a great soundtrack, features college student Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher), who tries to alter the past to see how it affects his present.

Mosfilm/YouTube/CNET Screenshot

After you get past Stalker’s slow beginning, you will be able say that you have seen an existential masterpiece in Russian cinema.

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Andrei Tarkovsky, who was the creator of Stalker, made big strides in sci-fi film with his character-driven, complex piece about astronauts experiencing bizarre hallucinations. You can also find the American remake of Solaris on HBO Max with an additional George Clooney romance.

Paramount Pictures

Since directing this found-footage movie about a monster morsel, Matt Reeves has achieved great success. Check out what he did before The Planet of the Apes and 2022’s The Batman.


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