The Apple Watch Ultra: A First Look


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The Apple Watch Ultra is here and it looks amazing! The screen, which at first looks just like the standard Apple Watch screen, is actually hiding a built-in GPS chip that allows you to track your location during all of your outdoor activities. Plus, the Apple Watch Ultra comes with an all-new interface that makes interacting with your watch more intuitive than ever. Here’s a first look at the Apple Watch Ultra!

Image Source- Wareable

What makes it so special?
On Wednesday, Apple unveiled two new watches, among them the Apple Watch Ultra. It’s big. Titanium was used to create it. Cost is $799. Furthermore, it is designed for those who enjoy extreme activities like diving and kiteboarding because it is twice as water resistant as earlier models.

Apple made the Ultra more durable so that it would hold up better to the weather whether you take it to the mountains or deep underwater. Additionally, the crown is bigger, making it simpler to operate when wearing gloves when diving or in the snow. And the screen is larger.

Other amazing features are on the screen. With a brightness increase of twofold, the outside world is even more accessible. Additionally, it has a brand-new “Night Mode” watch face that displays a compass and makes the watch red to make it easier to see in low light.

New Action Button is available. It is orange, which makes it stick out, but you can alter it such that tapping it will open an app. So, simply pressing it, you may start a workout, mark a specific waypoint on a trek, open your music app, and more.

It has several new features, such a depth gauge for real-time readings underwater, but is bulkier than prior Apple Watches. Additionally, it has a battery life of up to 36 hours when used normally or up to 60 hours while using low power. The 60-hour option is “coming shortly,” according to Apple. When compared to the standard Apple Watch, that lasts 18 hours.

The Apple Watch Ultra is currently on sale and will be delivered on September 23.

Image Source- Yahoo News Singapore

How does it work?
First, what is the Apple Watch? The Apple Watch is a device worn on the wrist to keep track of time and fitness activity. It tracks steps taken, calories burned, and flights of stairs climbed. You can set alarms and timers with your voice or touch, so you don’t have to reach for your phone anymore. The watch can also be used as a way to interact with Siri by just using your voice.

What are its benefits?
• This can be used on your phone to turn down the volume or mute when you get an urgent call.
• The notification feature will show any incoming text messages, emails, or other types of notifications right on your wrist.
• It has a built-in fitness tracker which logs calories and steps for easy monitoring.
• Users are rewarded with fitness achievements like distance traveled each day or workout minutes in exchange for challenging themselves to set more goals each day.

What are people saying about it?
It’s been quite some time since we saw any substantial innovation in the world of wristwatches. Sure, there have been some upgrades and tweaks to watches in recent years, but nothing like what the new-generation smartwatch has done. The days of rectangles are long gone as watch manufacturers were quick to release circular-faced smartwatches as soon as consumers gave them the thumbs up.


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