Someone Loses Millions in Trying to Claim $2K Crypto-Airdrop


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One of the most mysterious aspects of crypto is the airdrops. These tokens are often referred to as free money and are awarded to crypto traders who meet certain criteria. It is possible to lose huge amounts. In April, Bored Ape Yacht Club owners received a cryptocurrency airdrop They were worth about $100,000 each for every NFT they owned..

Sometimes airdrops that sound too good for their own good are legit. Sometimes, however, airdrops that sound too good to be true are actually legitimate. 

Scammers will be out on Monday Made off with $8 Million in Bitcoin and EthereumAfter falling for a phishing scheme. The scam involved Uniswap. It is a crypto exchange that allows people to trade altcoins like shiba iu and avalanche. Scammers offered to airdrop 400 Uniswap tokens for free, which was worth approximately $2,000. Two victims suffered huge losses when two traders fell for the lure of the scammers, who promised a free airdrop of 400 Uniswap tokens worth around $2,000.

CNET learned that over $6.5 million had been taken from one wallet. Blockchain analytics firm PeckShield reported this to CNET. Scammers stole 2,444 Ethereum ($2.46 Million) and 201 Bitcoin ($3.96 Million) from this wallet. Another wallet was hacked and took 834 ether ($903,000), 39 bitcoin ($774,000) from that wallet. CNET was informed by PeckShield that four additional wallets were infected with the phishing attack. However, these wallets have not yet been drained.

The scam is as obvious as it may sound, but it has a history. Uniswap sent 400 $UNI tokens to every wallet that had made a trade on its platform in 2020. They were worth $2,224. Airdrops were given to crypto whales in various points of 2021. Five worthAnd even six figures

Uniswap or central institution of decentralized financial finance is “DeFi”. It allows punters trade cryptocurrency via peer-to–peer technology. This eliminates authority structures that control exchanges like Binance or FTX. The company posted a Twitter statement saying that “To be clear: There was no exploit.” “The Protocol has always been — and still is — secure… Airdrops that direct users to unofficial domains may be phishing attempts. We will never airdrop users in the absence of notice via multiple channels.

Although crypto prices have fallen in recent months — Bitcoin and ether have fallen 51% and 66%, respectivelyScamming activity has increased over the past six month. Hackers stole $1.4 million of ether. An NFT lending platform is available on SundayThis was in response to $100,000 being siphoned off Quixotic’s NFT marketplace Ende of June. A hacker can also be found between these incidents. Stolen around $8.8 millionsCream Finance, but That amount was eventually returned to $7.1 million.

Monday’s scammer targeted Uniswap liquidity suppliers; users who earn interest by depositing crypto into Uniswap’s systems. The scammer targeted around 230,000 liquidity suppliers; they sent fake Uniswap coins to at least 74,000. Harry Denley, a researcher in blockchain security, said that the following statements are true.. The malicious token’s name led victims to a website that allowed them to exchange their new tokens for other cryptocurrency. These wallets were infected and drained by clicking the link. 

Denley explained that sending the fake tokens cost scammers $9.042 (8.5ether). The initial report of the lost crypto was that it was a hack of Uniswap. This cryptocurrency has a market value of $4 billion. It was then discovered to be a socially engineered scam. 


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