Sen. Ron Johnson will run against Mandela Barnes, a Democrat, in the Wisconsin general election.


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According to NBC News, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson will face Democratic Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin’s general election.

In their battle to maintain their tenuous Senate majority, Democrats have focused their attention on Johnson, who has the support of former President Donald Trump.n

A swing-state contest between Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Democrat Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes might develop into one of the more contested contests of the midterms.

According to NBC News’ projections, Johnson easily won the state’s Republican primary on Tuesday night. Prior to the withdrawal of his major Democratic rivals late last month, which opened Barnes’ road to the nomination, NBC predicted that he would face a stiffer primary fight.

As they struggle to maintain their tenuous Senate majority, Democrats have focused their attention on Johnson’s seat. The only Republican senator seeking reelection in a state that former President Joe Biden won in 2020 is the two-term incumbent, who has the support of former President Donald Trump. Several polls also indicate that Johnson’s popularity is declining.

Democrats have criticised Johnson, 67, for, among other contentious statements, spreading false conspiracy theories regarding the coronavirus and the validity of the 2020 election.

Attack commercials that were released on primary day by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee accuse Johnson of using his position in Congress to advance himself and rich donors at the detriment of common voters.

If Barnes, 35, wins in November, he will be Wisconsin’s first Black senator and the Senate’s youngest member. Several well-known politicians have endorsed him, including Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Barnes has come under fire from Johnson’s campaign for being a “professional political activist” and being too liberal for Wisconsin, a purple state that Trump won in 2016 and just narrowly lost in 2020.

After graduating from college, Barnes worked as a community activist and served in the Wisconsin State Assembly before being elected lieutenant governor. Additionally, he doesn’t avoid discussing progressive social issues: For instance, on his TikTok account, he has posted messages urging the Senate to adopt the Equality Act, codify Roe v. Wade, and eliminate the filibuster in order to provide protections for transgender individuals.

However, Barnes’ campaign has mostly concentrated on economic issues, highlighting his Milwaukee middle-class roots and drawing comparisons to Johnson’s position as one of the richest senators.

As the contenders rush toward the general election in November, more money is anticipated to pour into the campaign. By July 20, Johnson’s campaign had raised more than $17 million compared to Barnes’ $7 million total. Barnes’ campaign reported on August 1 having raised $1.1 million in just one week after his Democratic competitors came together in support of him.

According to Forbes, super PACs for both candidates have already invested millions of dollars in Wisconsin.


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