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  • Military delegations from Ukraine, Russia and Turkey will meet UN officials in Istanbul on Wednesday to discuss a possible deal to resume safe exports of Ukraine’s grain from the major Black Sea port of Odesa as a global food crisis worsens.
  • Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy remains quiet about the reported Ukrainian air raid on Nova Kakhovka, in occupied Kherson, where a Russian-backed official says at least seven people have been killed60 were also injured.
  • Ukrainian officials claim that their forces destroyed a ammunition depot in the capital.
  • Pavlo KYrylenko, Donetsk Governor reports a significant buildup in Russian troops, especially in Siversk and Bakhmut areas. Also, around Sloviansks and Kramatorsk. The region is preparing for a major offensive.
  • On Tuesday night, 43 people died after a Chasiv Yar apartment block collapsed in Donetsk.

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LeBron is critical of US efforts in Griner’s return

US basketball player LeBron James is publicly criticising America’s handling of WNBA All-Star Brittney Griner’s case in a trailer for an upcoming episode of his television show: “The Shop: Uninterrupted.”

“Now, how can she feel like America has her back?” James said in the trailer. “I would be feeling like, ‘Do I even wanna go back to America?’”

It’s unclear when the show was filmed, although in the trailer it is mentioned that Griner had been in Russia for more than 110 days, which would have been nearly five weeks ago as she was detained on February 17.

Russia is currently prosecuting Griner for drug possession. Griner pleaded guilty last Wednesday and will return to court on Thursday. Washington hasn’t disclosed its strategy in the case and the US may have little leverage with Moscow because of strong animosity over its actions in Ukraine.

Brazil wants to purchase a lot from Russia in diesel: Minister

Brazil’s foreign minister has said his country wants to buy as much diesel fuel as it can from Russia following a deal with Moscow.

Carlos França called Russia “a strategic partner” and said Brazil is in short supply of diesel.

“Of course, we have to make sure that we have enough diesel for the Brazilian agribusiness and, of course, for Brazilian drivers,” he said. “So that’s why we were looking … for very reliable suppliers of diesel and Russia is one of them.”

The minister was responding to a question about President Jair Bolsonaro’s comments on Monday in Brasilia that Brazil has “a deal” and Russian diesel “can start getting here within 60 days.” Earlier, the president told supporters that Brazil was about to get “cheaper” diesel from Russia.

Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, and the UN will meet Wednesday to discuss exports of grain

Military delegations from Ukraine, Russia and Turkey will meet United Nations officials in Istanbul on Wednesday to discuss a possible deal to resume safe exports of Ukraine’s grain from the major Black Sea port of Odesa, as a global food crisis worsens.

Hulusi Akar, Turkish Defense Minister, announced the meeting Tuesday. Turkey has been working with the UN to broker a deal after Russia’s invasion stoked global prices for grains, cooking oils, fuel and fertiliser.

According to diplomats, elements of the plan being discussed include Ukrainian vessels guiding grain ships in and out through mined port waters; Russia agreeing to a truce while shipments move; and Turkey – supported by the UN – inspecting ships to allay Russian fears of weapons smuggling.

“We are working hard indeed but there is still a way to go,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told reporters. “Many people are talking about it. We prefer to try to do it.”

Zelenskyy remains quiet over reports of a Ukrainian raid in Kherson

Volodymyr Zeleskyy, Ukraine’s President, was quiet Tuesday over the reports of an air raid by Ukrainian forces against Nova Kakhovka (in Russia-occupied Kherson), which a Moscow backed official claimed. At least seven civilians were murderedMany more were also injured.

Zelenskyy, in his nighttime address to the nation that usually addresses the main news of each day, brought attention to Russian attacks on Ukraine.

“Every day we receive and experience a lot of painful news. Russian shelling continues and the war does not end for one day. Today there were regular strikes at Mykolaiv – missiles, artillery. The occupiers once again hit Kharkiv and the communities of the region … There are victims – wounded and killed,” he said. “In Donbas, offensive attempts do not stop, the situation there does not get easier, and the losses do not get smaller.”

Ukrainian officials claim that Kyiv attacked and destroyed a Russian ammunition warehouse in Nova Kakhovka.

The death penalty is protected by the self-declared and separatist Ukraine statelet

The self-styled Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) on Tuesday opened an embassy in Russia, one of only two countries to recognise the separatist “statelet” in eastern Ukraine, and defended its right to impose capital punishment.

The DPR’s self-proclaimed foreign minister Natalia Nikonorova said the territory’s use of the death penalty – which it has handed down to two Britons and a Moroccan for fighting as “mercenaries” for Ukraine – was irrelevant to its bid for diplomatic recognition.

Asked if capital punishment would tarnish the DPR’s image, she said: “We consider that mercenary activity is indeed a terrible crime because people, for a reward, come to another country to kill other people, despite having no personal goals connected to the conflict in question.”

“Yes, it is the highest measure of punishment, but it is in our legislation and it is not linked to the further process of recognition of the Donetsk People’s Republic by other states.”

Ukraine is ready for a new Russian offensive to the east

Ukraine is preparing for what it believes will be a new Russian offensive in the east, where Moscow claims it is determined take over all of the Donbas industrial region.

Russian forces have been bombarding Donetsk since weeks, having earlier this month captured Luhansk, a province in the Donbas.

Pavlo KYrylenko, Regional Governor for Donetsk said that there was a large buildup of Russian troops in the Bakhmut-Siversk area, around Sloviansks and Kramatorsk. He said that the entire front line was being shelled by Russian troops trying to break through, but were being repulsed.

He also said a Russian air raid destroyed Bakhmut stadium, used as a training facility for Ukraine’s Olympic athletes before the war.

Employees stand at a stadium damaged by a Russian military attack in Bakhmut, Ukraine.
Workers stand in front of a damaged stadium from a Russian military strike in Bakhmut (Ukraine), July 12, 2022 [Gleb Garanich/Reuters]

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