‘Putin’s War Must Be a Strategic Failure,’ Biden Says in Israel


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JERUSALEM — President Biden restated his determination that Russia fail in its Ukraine ambitions, speaking on Thursday during a four-day visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia in which he and other leaders discussed the international response to the war and the global grain shortage it has exacerbated.

“Putin’s assault on Ukraine is a challenge to the peace and stability everywhere in the world,” Mr. Biden said at a news conference in Jerusalem after meeting with Prime Minister Yair Lapid of Israel. “Putin’s war must be a strategic failure.”

“The free world must sustain a resolve to help Ukraine defend its democracy,” Mr. Biden said, adding that “the United States will continue to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people who have been devastated and displaced by the Russian violence.”

The friction between Israel, the United States and Ukraine has been the Ukraine policy. Israel has been Be careful not to be too critical of RussiaIt should not provoke Moscow to cause problems for Israeli military strategy. This has sometimes led to criticism from the U.S.

Israel has Continued support for UkraineVolodymyr Zelesky, the president of SS, is Jewish. It has sent humanitarian aid and pledged to send protective gear.

It has not issued formal sanctions or sent weapons to Russian oligarchs.

Naftali Bennett, who was Israel’s prime minister for most of time since the war began in late February, generally avoided direct criticism of Russia. He pointedly left criticisms of the Kremlin for his foreign minister, Yair Lpid. He succeededThis month, as prime minister

Israel has presented this delicate balance act as an attempt by Israel to allow Israel to mediate, to avoid Russian and Ukrainian Jews being exposed to antisemitic attacks and to keep its delicate relationship in Syria with the Russian military.

For the most part, the Israeli Air Force struck military targets in Syria over the past decade. This was in an attempt to stem the flow arms Iran sends to its proxies, Syria and Lebanon.

But Russia also maintains a significant military presence in Syria, and Israel needs Moscow’s blessing to continue to operate there with ease.


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