Prez polls: Sinha cancels Mumbai visit after Shiv Sena backs Droupadi Murmu


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Yashwant Singhha, the Opposition’s candidate in next week’s Presidential elections, has cancelled his visit. The following Saturday’s program will be held in the aftermath of the Announcement of support for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) nominee .

“Sinha has cancelled his visit to Mumbai where he was to meet with the Maha Vikas Aghadi(MVA) legislators,” a leader of NCP said.

Because of this, the visit was cancelled. President Uddhav Thackeray announced that his party supports Murmu.

Thackeray, a member of his party, announced on Tuesday that it would support Murmu. Thackeray stated that this is the first opportunity for a tribal woman to be elected President. Although there wasn’t any pressure, Thackeray stated that several tribal leaders, including MLC Aamshya Gavit and Eklavya Sanghtana’s Shivajirao Dhavale, had urged him support Murmu.

The Lok Sabha has 19 MPs, of which 18 are from . It has three Rajya Sabha MPs and 55 MLAs. However, 40 of these legislators voted for the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s faction.

The Sena headed MVA government that also included Congress and the NCP. It collapsed on June 29, following a revolt by Shinde.

The Congress has 44 MLAs, one Lok Sabha, three Rajya Sabha, and one Lok Sabha member, while the Nationalist Congress Party has 53 legislators, 4 Lok Sabha, and Rajya Sabha each.

The polls for the next president will take place on July 18. Race for Rashtrapati Bhavan’s Rashtrapati will be between Sinha and Murmu.

Murmu’s vote share has already surpassed 60 percent after she won the support of regional parties such as YSR-CP and BSP. It was approximately 50 percent at the time she was nominated.

Murmu had visited On Thursday, she met with the BJP MPs and MLAs as part of her election campaign. together with the legislators of its allies, which includes the Shiv Sena faction under Shinde.

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