Police admit security flaws as Japan mourns Shinzo Abe’s death


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NARA/TOKYO – Police acknowledge security problems in Nara, Japan’s former prime ministerial city Shinzo AbeHe was assassinated as a motorcade with his body arrived at his Tokyo home.
Mourners gathered around his residence, and at the site of Friday’s tragedy at Nara in western Japan. This was where Japan’s longest-serving leader of modern times was killed in rare acts of violence while delivering a speech for the campaign.
Police immediately arrested a 41-year old man. AbeA homemade gun was used to shoot him at close range. Local police officers who manned the campaign event claimed that security arrangements were not perfect.
“We cannot deny that there was a problem with the security system given how things ended,” Nara police chief Tomoaki OnizukaA news conference was held.
“I feel a grave responsibility,” he stated, adding that police would analyze the situation and make necessary changes.
Japan’s dignitaries often travel with minimal security measures that focus primarily on physical threats and not heavily armed personnel ready for the possibility of firearms attacks in other countries like the United States.
Nippon Television reported that Nara police said Abe was being protected at the rally in Tokyo by one armed specialist police officer and other local officers. Nara police declined the request to reveal how many officers were responsible for Abe’s security.
As per schedule, the elections for seats to Japan’s upper house will take place on Sunday. Prime Minister Fumio is expected to win the election. KishidaAbe protege.
After making an urgent return to Tokyo on Friday following the shooting, Kishida was again on the campaign trail visiting local constituencies.
An iron detection scanner was installed in Fujiyoshida, where Kishida was scheduled to deliver a speech. A large police presence was also present.
Nara is a town about 450km (280 mi) southwest of Tokyo. A steady stream of people lined up to put flowers on a table near a photograph of Abe.
“I’m shocked that this type of thing happened in Nara,” she said. Natsumi NikiAfter placing flowers near the scene of the murder, 50-year old housewife, and her 10-year-old son, at the station, she was able to see the victims.
Niwa claimed that Abe was a conservative and the architect of the “Abenomics”, policies aimed at reviving the economy. This inspired Masakuni’s name. Abe used to call Japan a “beautiful country”. In Japanese, “Kuni” is a name for nation.
Monday night vigil: Media reported that Abe’s funeral will be attended by close friends on Tuesday. There were no immediate details on any public memorial services.
The police were trying to figure out the motive of the suspect and the preparations he made for the crime.
According to local media, the suspect believed the former Japanese leader was associated with a religious group that he blamed his mother for her financial ruin. However, police did not identify the group.
Media reports that he spent many months planning the attack. He even attended Abe campaign events 200 km away.
Analysts stated that the gun he used was simple to build from readily available materials like wood and metal pipes. This shows the difficulty of eliminating such threats in a country with strict laws.
Eurasia Group analysts wrote that Abe’s death “highens the prospect of stronger turnout, and greater support for his Liberal Democratic Party(LDP),” in a note.
Abe’s influence was still felt by the LDP, which had been expected to win seats prior to the assassination. Abe, now 67, was twice prime minister. Both times, Abe resigned due to ill-health.
He remained an MP and an influential leader in LDP even though he left office for the second time in 2020.
James Brady, Vice President at Teneo wrote in a note that strong LDP election performances could lead to Kishida pushing for Abe’s unfulfilled goal to amend Japan’s constitution to allow for a greater role for the military.
Kishida paid his respects to Abe at Abe’s Tokyo residence on Saturday KyodoAccording to news agency, mourners held flowers in their hands and officials from the party bowed as his body was taken by hearse.
Condolences have been offered from all political lines and around the globe for Abe’s passing.
The Quad is a group of countries which aims to counter China’s influence over the Indo-Pacific region. Abe was instrumentally involved in setting it up. They released a joint statement in shock at the assassination.
The group that includes Japan, India and Australia said, “We will honour Prime minister Abe’s memory through redoubling our efforts towards a peaceful, prosperous region.”
Chinese President Xi JinpingChinese state media reported Abe was also praised for his efforts to improve relations with neighbours.


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