News Briefs from Around the World: July 2022


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Scientists discovered Six new species of micro-frogs have been introducedOne of them holds the Mexican record for the smallest frog. These forest amphibians can be as small as a human thumbnail when fully grown.


Genetic analysis proved that the Patagonian shedog, which is a breed of sheepdog found in Argentina and Chile was genetically correct. The nearest living relativeAll U.K. herding dogs are derived from this ancestor. European colonizers introduced this line almost 200 years ago.


Researchers found evidence of parasite infection in over 450 human pelvic remains, dating back to prehistoric times and the Victorian era. Whipworm eggs and petrified roundworm suggest that whipworm eggs were found in Roman-era and late medieval Brits. These pests are most common in areas that are already plagued by them..


The Orca Seamount is an underwater volcano. A recent series 85,000 earthquakes were triggered.The Antarctic continental plate. Nearby King George Island was moved by the quakes approximately four inches.


The Swiss Alps found a four-inch-long fossilized tooth at nearly 9,500 feet above the sea level. Largest-known marine reptile. Paleontologists claim that the tooth belonged a 50-foot-long ichthyosaur who swam ancient seas.


A pipistrelle Bat set a new record. Longest-known bat migration. The tiny mammal covered about 1,545 miles—from Borok, Russia, to the French village of Lully—in 63 days. It drowned in the water tank after its journey ended tragically.


Scientists with Kirin Pharmaceutical Company and Food Developed an accessory for electric chopsticks that makes food taste 50 percent saltier—without adding salt. The device draws extra ions from food by running a very small current through the utensils.


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