Lancet reports that a nasal spray reduces Covid viral load 94% within 24 hours.


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The Lancet Regional Health Southeast Asia journal published the results from a phase 3 trial that found that nasal sprays were effective in reducing viral load in COVID-19-high-risk patients in India.

Glenmark, a Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company, conducted the study on Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray in 306 unvaccinated and vaccinated adults suffering from mild COVID-19 at 20 Indian clinical sites.

A seven-day NONS plus standard treatment was evaluated. It was compared to a placebo nasal spray and standard of care for patients with COVID-19 symptoms. The NONS was administered six times daily, with two sprays per nostril over seven days.

The Delta and Omicron surges were the perfect conditions for the study.

Researchers found that NONS treatment resulted in significant viral load reductions within 24 hours. These results were sustained for seven consecutive days.

The viral load was reduced by 93.7 percent within 24 hours, and by 99.9% within 48 hours after treatment with NONS. According to the authors, similar results were seen in both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals.

“The robust double-blind trial demonstrated significant efficacy and remarkable safety of NONS,” Monika Tandon, Senior VP & Head – Clinical Development, Glenmark, and one of the authors of the study said.

Tandon said that this therapy “has the potential to make an important contribution to COVID-19 Management, with its simplicity of use during the current highly transmissible pandemic phase.”

After receiving manufacturing and marketing approvals from the Drugs Controller General of India, (DCGI), NONS was launched under the brand name FabiSpray.

According to the statement, Nitric Oxide prevents entry into the nose passage, kills viruses and stops their replication. This is how NONS helps reduce viral load.

It stated that the median time to cure viral disease was three days for the NONS group, and seven days for the placebo group.

The authors noted that while the NONS group had an almost identical proportion of immediate contacts with a positive COVID-19 testing or becoming symptomatic, it was numerically higher in the placebo group.

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