King Charles Proclaimed as Britain’s Monarch in Historic Ceremony


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King Charles, 73, took over immediately when his mother died on Thursday, but an Accession Council gathered on Saturday to declare his succession.

I pray for the guidance and help of Almighty God in carrying out the hard job that has been set upon me, and to which I now dedicate what remains to me of my life,” Charles stated in his personal declaration.

On Saturday, past prime ministers, bishops, and a slew of politicians chanted “God Save The King” as King Charles was formally proclaimed as Britain’s new monarch during a ceremony in St James’s Palace.

The death of Queen Elizabeth, 96, on Thursday after 70 years on the throne put in motion long-established and meticulously choreographed arrangements for days of national mourning and a state funeral in just over a week.

Charles, 73, took over immediately after his mother, but an Accession Council gathered on Saturday to announce his succession, with his son and heir William, wife Camilla, and Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, among those signing the proclamation.

I pray for the guidance and help of Almighty God in carrying out the hard job that has been set upon me, and to which I now dedicate what remains to me of my life,” Charles stated in his personal declaration.

The declaration was also scheduled to be read out in the United Kingdom’s other major cities, including Edinburgh in Scotland, Belfast in Northern Ireland, and Cardiff in Wales, as well as other locations.

The death of Elizabeth, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, has elicited a flood of condolences from across the globe. Landmarks have been utilised to commemorate her life, with buildings in Europe, America, and Africa lighted up in the United Kingdom’s red, white, and blue.

People began gathering outside royal buildings in the early hours of Saturday morning in the United Kingdom, with many rushing to Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to the queen and Charles, who was declared king at neighbouring St James’s Palace.

It’s a poignant time in our country’s history,” remarked Ian Bilboe, 54, design manager. “(We’re) here to be a part of that and to pay tribute to both the late queen and the new king.”

Charles is the King of the United Kingdom and the ruler of 14 other countries, including Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.

Britain has proclaimed a period of mourning until the official funeral for Elizabeth, dubbed “the nation’s grandmother” by her grandson Harry. The exact date has not been disclosed, but it is expected in a little more than a week.

Leaders from all around the world are expected in London for the funeral, including US President Joe Biden, who announced his attendance on Friday.

Charles’ coronation as king will take place at a later date, the scheduling of which is unknown. Between Elizabeth’s accession to the throne in 1952 and her coronation in 1953, there was a 16-month gap.

In his first address to the nation as king, the new king swore to serve the kingdom with “loyalty, respect, and love.”

On his way back to London from Scotland, where his mother died, he was greeted with cheers, applause, and a crowd singing “God Save the King” as he made his first public appearance outside Buckingham Palace earlier that day.

In his speech, Charles also announced that his eldest son William, 40, had been named the new Prince of Wales, a title that had been his for more than 50 years and is typically held by the successor to the throne.

Kate, William’s wife, succeeds the late Princess Diana as Princess of Wales.

Thousands have congregated at royal palaces since Thursday to pay their respects to the late queen, with some sobbing as they placed flowers and others wanting to celebrate the life of a monarch who was the only monarch most Britons had ever known.

She observed a seismic shift in her country’s social, political, and economic structures over the decades. Despite intensive media scrutiny and her family’s very public travails, she received plaudits for leading the monarchy into the twenty-first century and modernising it.

Charles, who surveys show is less popular than his mother, is now in charge of ensuring the institution’s existence.


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