Kanye West to buy Parler, conservative social media platform


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Kanye West, who now goes by the moniker Ye, has agreed to buy conservative social media platform Parler in a deal worth $1 million, the company said Monday. Parler CEO and co-founder Bernt Bodal said in a press release that Ye will take over as CEO of the company, which launched in November 2018 after raising $550,000 in funding on Kickstarter. The rapper will rebrand the social media platform to YE and relocate it to his home state of Wyoming, the press release stated.

The parent firm of the Parler app said in a statement on Monday that famous rapper Kanye West, who has made a number of divisive and antisemitic remarks recently, has reached an agreement in principle to purchase the conservative social networking site.

West, who now goes as Ye, stated in a statement made public by Parler that “we have to make sure we have the freedom to openly express ourselves in a society where conservative beliefs are perceived to be contentious.”

The deal’s financial details weren’t made public. Prior to now, the business claimed to have secured $56 million in capital from outside investors.

Ye was shut out of his Twitter account before the action.
and Instagram accounts for posting hate speech. Ye bought into a long-standing antisemitic conspiracy theory in one of his posts, claiming that fellow rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs was under Jewish influence. Ye’s account was blocked on Twitter after he threatened to “kill con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.”

An inquiry for comment was not immediately answered by a Ye spokesman. Ye told Bloomberg News that he decided to purchase Parler as a result of being punished by Instagram and Twitter. He also refuses to tell the publication what the details of the agreement were.

Ye allegedly has a $2 billion net worth. His collaboration with Gap and the Yeezy footwear business have contributed significantly to his wealth.
plus Adidas. Adidas said it is also reconsidering its commercial partnership with Ye after he recently terminated business ties with Gap. Morgan Chase & Co
parted connections with the rapper as well.

In the Donald Trump era, a number of right-wing-friendly websites have emerged in response to complaints from the former president’s fans that Twitter and other apps treat them unfairly. Additionally, there is Trump’s own app, Truth Social, whose parent business is under federal investigation as it prepares to go public, and Gettr, which is managed by former Trump aide Jason Miller. Rumble, a platform for conservative-friendly video, went public last month.

Parler, which debuted in 2018, became embroiled in controversy last year due to its involvement in the Capitol building riots on January 6, 2021. That prompted several tech firms, including Google.
both Amazon to block access to the service’s website and app by blacklisting it.

Google, on the other hand, claimed to have modified some of its content filtering standards and enforcement in September and re-posted the app on its Play Store. In April 2021, Apple updated the app on its App Store platform.

Parler built its own internal cloud infrastructure in an effort to lessen its reliance on third-party technology. In September, the business established a new parent company named Parlement Technologies with the intention of developing its own cloud service for online commerce. At the time, the business said that “the future is irrevocable.”

The parent firm of Ye and Parler stated that they anticipate closing the deal before the year is through. As part of the agreement, Parler’s parent firm will provide technical assistance as well as access to its private cloud services.

Ye moved to Twitter after Instagram suspended him, posting there for the first time since 2020. Referring to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, the company that owns Instagram, he commented, “Look at this Mark How you going kick me off Instagram.”
A buddy of Ye’s named Elon Musk replied, “Welcome back to Twitter, my friend!
Following Ye’s suspension from Twitter for breaking its rules, Musk wrote that he had spoken with Ye and “explained my concerns about his recent comment, which I hope he took to heart.”

At the moment, Musk is looking to buy Twitter. The Tesla CEO announced last week that he will purchase the social media site at the initial $54.20 per share price they agreed upon in April, reigniting interest in that deal. The self-described “free speech absolutist” billionaire wants to turn Twitter into a “digital town square” that encourages free speech.

Parlement Technologies CEO George Farmer commented on the deal on Monday, saying it “will transform the globe, and change the way the world thinks about free expression.”

Farmer said in a statement that Ye was “making a historic leap into the free speech media realm” and wouldn’t again have to worry about getting banned from social media again. “Ye shows that he is always one step ahead of the story being told by the legacy media. It will be an honour for Parlement to support him in his endeavours.

One of Ye’s online supporters, American conservative activist Candace Owens, is married to Farmer. Additionally, Michael Farmer, a British Conservative lawmaker who occupies a seat in the UK’s upper house, is his father. Parliament.

After John Matze, the former CEO of Parler, was fired due to a disagreement with Rebekah Mercer, the app’s early investor, George Farmer was named CEO in May of last year. The majority owner of Parler is Mercer, the wealthy hedge fund manager Robert Mercer’s heiress daughter.


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