JD(S), extends support for Draupadi Murmu, the presidential candidate of NDA


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Friday’s announcement by JD(S) of its support for Draupadi Mumu, the presidential candidate of NDA, was made official by the JD(S). The election will be held July 18.

Bandeppa Kashempur, JD(S) LP Deputy Leader, stated that unanimous decision was reached at the JD(S) legislature party gathering held in Vidhana Sudha.

JD(S), H D Kumaraswamy, former chief Minister of JD(S), C M Ibrahim, the party’s president-elect and few other legislators were present at the meeting virtually.

He stated that party supremo H D Deve Gowda, the PM of the country, had stressed the importance of women empowerment.

“A tribal woman becomes the president of the nation is an act of pride. Kashempur stated that Deve Gowda wanted the selection of the presidential candidate.

The party decided to support her, keeping in mind her background (Murmu), and the community that she is from, the JD(S] MLA stated.

It is not important to consider the party affiliation, but the background of the candidate.

Kashempur stated that Murmu called Gowda within 24 hours of her BJP announcement and asked for his support. Further, she had called Gowda as well as Kumaraswamy on her Bengaluru trip.

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