It will take another month (or more) for ‘Thor, Love and Thunder’ to reach Stream


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Thor: Love and ThunderLast week, the movie was released. But Middling reviews from critics(“disappointingly superficial”) is how it sounds Our own reviewerIt may be a reason you are holding off until the film is released in cinemas. 

It will require you to guess how long it will take. 

Disney has been very innovative in its streaming strategy for theatrical releases. Encanto spent a month in theaters before streaming. For Marvel‘s EternalsIt was actually two. Three months after the original musical was released in cinemas, West Side Story, a Steven Spielberg reimagining by Disney, became available on Disney Plus. 

Disney has not yet confirmed a streaming release date. Thor: Love and ThunderHowever, these are educated guesses as to what you can expect. 

What’s Thor: Love and Thunder’s streaming date on Disney Plus

Disney has not set a streaming date for Thor, Love and Thunder. It would stream on Disney Plus most likely sometime in the week of August 21. 

Disney Plus introduced Premier Access during the height of COVID-19 and lockdowns. It allowed subscribers to stream theatrical movies from the theaters the day after they were released. They paid an additional $30 fee in addition to their regular subscription. For more than a decade, Disney has given its live-action theatrical releases a long period of exclusivity in theaters before streaming became an option. 

Disney hasn’t yet established a standard length for these theatrical specials.

It’s good to know that the last Marvel film was released on Disney Plus faster than any of its predecessors. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness became available to stream about 47 days after its wide release in theaters — that’s two weeks quicker than Eternals Shang-Chi, the Legend of the Ten Rings and Shang-Chi. Disney’s Doctor Strange film also brought Disney closer to the norms established by major studios. These studios have long tended to give movies a theatrical exclusivity window of approximately 45 days.

This is why the week ending Aug. 21 is the most important: It would mean that Disney has Thor: Love and Thunder, following the roughly 45-day timeline it used for Doctor Strange. 

Unlike some studios, Disney often confirms the streaming date for its films weeks before release, so you should at least be able to get some guidance. 


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