Introducing the Ferrari Purosangue: The First-Ever 4-Door Sports Car from the Prestigious Automaker


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The new Ferrari Purosangue is a four-door car with SUV proportions and a 715-horsepower V-12 engine.

The Purosangue, which translates as “thoroughbred,” is Ferrari’s first production four-door vehicle.

When deliveries begin next year, the new vehicle will provide Ferrari customers with an upscale option to rivals such as the Porsche Cayenne.

Ferrari unveiled its new Purosangue on Tuesday, the 75-year-old sports car manufacturer’s first four-door production vehicle.

The Purosangue appears to be an SUV, similar to other luxury sports SUVs from brands such as Porsche and Maserati. Despite its larger size, shape, and taller stance, the company believes that the Purosangue – which means “thoroughbred” in Italian – is a true Ferrari sports vehicle.

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The Purosangue may not look like a typical Ferrari, but it will sound like one. The new vehicle is powered by a 6.5-liter, 715-horsepower V-12 engine positioned behind the front axle rather than over it, as is typical with SUVs and crossovers.

Ferrari claims that the engine’s location, as well as the Purosangue’s transaxle, distributes the vehicle’s weight almost evenly across the four wheels, boosting handling.

While Ferrari is best known for its two-seat sports cars, the firm has been producing four-seaters since the early 1960s, including all-wheel-drive variants since the 2011 FF coupe. Even Ferrari concedes that the Purosangue takes the famous brand into uncharted territory.

According to Ferrari, the Purosangue will start at 390,000 euros ($389,000) in Italy, making it the company’s second most costly production vehicle behind the 440,000-euro SF90 hybrid sports car.

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Deliveries will begin in Europe in the second quarter of 2023, the United States in the third quarter, and other worldwide markets by the end of next year, according to the automaker.

Despite its high starting price, the Purosangue is expected to be popular among Ferrari’s wealthy customers.

In 2021, rival Porsche’s two SUVs, the Cayenne and Macan, contributed for around 55% of Porsche’s manufacturing. However, Ferrari will not allow the Purosangue to become too popular: the company intends to limit manufacturing of the Purosangue to no more than 20% of its total yearly output, or approximately 3,000 units per year.


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