Inflation Fears Spurring Shoppers to Get an Early Jump on the Year-End Holidays


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The recent jump in inflation has caused many consumers to believe that the year-end holidays may cost more than they’re willing to spend, with most saying they’ll shop early in order to avoid the expected price hikes at holiday time.

It is a Scrooge, inflation.

Despite the fact that the Christmas season is still months away, a number of polls indicate that shoppers are already worried about how they will be able to purchase the gifts this year.

According to a recent research, almost 40% of Christmas shoppers claimed that inflation is altering the way they shop, with the majority using money-saving tactics including buying fewer goods or less costly brands and utilising coupons, discounts, and credit card rewards to offset expenses.

Another recent study found that 59% of Americans are worried about buying presents this Christmas season because of increasing pricing.

Added to Personal Finance:
Buy now, pay later options are becoming more popular among Americans.
By using these steps, you may manage your uncomfortable credit card debt.
Americans are no longer as likely to leave generous takeout tips.

As a result, a lot of clients start off ahead. More than one in ten consumers started their holiday shopping before the first of September, and fifty percent wish to start sooner, according to a Bankrate poll.

Holiday shopping will be different this year since inflation is near 40-year highs, according to Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at Bankrate.

Starting sooner may be beneficial since it allows you more time to identify the finest offers and spread out your cash flow.

However, 27% of consumers said Christmas buying will place a burden on the budget, and 65% of customers said they don’t have money set aside for these expenditures.

According to Bankrate, another 27% of people indicated they would incur debt to purchase gifts, including those who planned to utilise buy now, pay later programmes and others who would have to pay off their credit card balance over time.

4 methods for reducing Christmas shopping costs
Put your strategy into action right now, advised consumer expert Julie Ramhold.

She suggested that you start with a present list and your Christmas spending plan, then keep an eye out for price reductions throughout sales events.

She said, “It makes sense to buy it as soon as you see a discount.”

The closer the holiday gets, the less stressful that will make you feel.

According to Rossman of Bankrate, “I’m also a huge supporter of stacking discounts like rewards credit cards, internet shopping portals, and retail coupons.”

These four suggestions from financial expert Andrea Woroch will help you spend less during the holidays:
1.Start your buying right away to spread out the cost. Just make sure you’re using a gift-tracking software like Santa’s Bag, where you can keep track of what you’ve purchased, who you’ve purchased it for, and how much you’ve spent in the run-up to the holidays so you can remain within your budget, said Woroch.

2.If you’ve already done some shopping, Woroch advised taking photographs of your receipts with an app like Fetch Rewards to collect points that can be used for free gift cards to retailers like Amazon, Target, or Walmart to help pay for present-giving or future purchases. Additionally, you may get cash back for online purchases by using Cently or, which both have a free app and a browser extension.

3.Woroch advises applying for a new card with a sign-up bonus or cash back if you meet the requirements. By taking advantage of those deals, “you could absolutely gain free money to put towards Christmas savings,” she added.

  1. further methods to reduce. There’s a strong possibility you’re paying for stuff you don’t need, so consider how you may reduce your monthly spending by reviewing your bills, she advised. One excellent place to start is with subscriptions. The majority of consumers spend far more than they anticipate for streaming services and other ongoing costs (or even paying for a subscription they are no longer using).


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