Hummers are Heading Electric! GM to Close Reservations After Topping 90,000


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The Chevrolet Chevy Volt has made GM almost a household name in the electric vehicle space. Now the company is introducing an electrified version of its biggest seller, the H3 SUV, under the name the H3T (read Chevy’s H3T Press Release here). While GM hasn’t revealed many details about the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or full-electric (BEV) versions of the H3, GM has revealed that it plans to close reservations for both models at an unspecified date as soon as it hits 90,000 reservations, according to Automotive News .

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DETROIT — After receiving more than 90,000 reservations for the electric GMC Hummer truck and the next GMC Hummer SUV, General Motors will end taking reservations.

The carmaker will try to fill the current list of booked automobiles, which goes at least until 2024, by closing the reservations. The amount of bookings is noteworthy given that the vehicles’ starting costs vary from around $85,000 to $110,000.

Beginning on Thursday, GM announced it will stop accepting reservations for both models. By the end of Wednesday, anyone wishing to book one of the electric trucks must do so.

Since the beginning of the year, GM has been gradually increasing the Hummer EV pickup’s manufacturing. Less than 400 of the vehicles have been sold by the firm as of the end of June. Early in 2023, dealers and consumers should start receiving the SUV variant.

The SUV should be produced more swiftly than the truck, which was the first consumer car to use GM’s next-generation Ultium batteries and vehicle architecture, according to Duncan Aldred, global president of GMC.

“We anticipated a slow ramp. But next year, I think you’ll see a normalised year when you look at the calendar, he predicted last week at the Detroit car show. “When we make SUVs, they should take off immediately… For the truck and SUV versions of the Hummer EV, next year is a huge year.

Following Ford Motor’s decision to stop taking orders for its electric F-150 Lightning truck after selling almost 200,000 units, GM has made the same choice. Reservations for the electric Mustang Mach-E crossover had also been suspended, but they have recently been reinstated.


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