Herschel Walker’s son speaks out about the Senator’s dark past


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In a recent revelation, Herschel Walker, the Republican contender for a Senate seat in Georgia who has advocated for a total ban on abortion, is accused of paying for a woman’s abortion in 2009.

Walker vehemently refuted the accusation reported in a Daily Beast piece, calling it a “flat-out lie,” and pledged to sue the publication.

However, immediately after that tale was published online, Walker’s adult son slammed him in a series of tweets, accusing him of violence and hypocrisy.

The Georgia contest is considered as a critical battleground in Republicans’ bid to retake control of the Senate from Democrats.

Herschel Walker, the Republican contender for a Senate seat in Georgia who has advocated for an abortion ban, was accused of paying for a woman’s abortion in 2009 in a new report released Monday night.

Walker categorically refuted the accusation stated in the Daily Beast report, calling it a “flat-out lie,” and pledged to sue the publication.

“It’s horrible, filthy politics,” said the former college and pro football player, whose campaign is being keenly followed because it has the potential to help Republicans retake control of the Senate.

However, immediately after the tale was published online, Walker’s adult son slammed him in a series of tweets, accusing him of violence and hypocrisy.

You’re not a ‘family guy’ when you abandon us to bang a number of women, threaten to murder us, and force us to relocate 6 times in 6 months to escape your aggression.”

“Every family member of Herschel Walker advised him not to run for government, since we all knew (some of) his background,” Christian added in another tweet Monday night. Every single one of them. He chose to throw us the middle finger and flaunt all of his dirty laundry in public while lying about it.”

Cindy Grossman, Herschel Walker’s ex-wife, told CNN in 2008 that he had threatened to murder Christian.

Walker’s candidacy received a double blow on Monday evening, just one month before the midterm elections, in which he is hoping to replace Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock.

In early 2021, Warnock and Sen. Jon Ossoff won Georgia’s two Senate seats in election run-offs, giving Democrats control of the Senate.

Walker’s campaign has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell as part of Republicans’ efforts to retake control of the Senate.

According to the Daily Beast, an anonymous woman said she fell pregnant by Walker when they were dating in 2009, while he was not married, and that he “urged her to obtain an abortion.

“She backed up her allegations with a $575 abortion clinic ticket, a ‘get well’ card from Walker, and a bank deposit receipt that featured a picture of a signed $700 personal check from Walker,” according to the Daily Beast.

According to the publication, the lady sought anonymity due to privacy concerns, and it validated elements of her statement with a friend who she said accompanied her to the treatment.

The lady told the site that she was relaying her experience because of Walker’s public stance on abortion as a Republican candidate, which he claims to oppose with no exceptions for rape or incest.

“I just can’t stand the hypocrisy any longer,” she told the Daily Beast. “We all deserve better than this.

Walker stated last month that he supports legislation offered by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., that would outlaw abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy nationwide.

“I am a staunch pro-life Christian who will always advocate for our unborn children,” Walker stated at the time.

CNBC has not independently confirmed the woman’s story. Walker’s lawyer has been contacted for comment.

Walker denied the woman’s accusation on Twitter, writing, “This is a flat-out lie — and I reject it in the strongest possible terms.

He accused Daily Beast writer Roger Sollenberger of being a “democrat activist masquerading as a reporter who has compulsively targeted my family and sought to tear me down from the beginning of this campaign.”

Sollenberger revealed in June that Walker had three more children with other women besides Christian, who had hitherto been his sole publicly recognised son. According to the Daily Beast, one of the children was a 10-year-old kid who Walker did not actively raise.

Walker, a Black man, has criticised African-American absentee fathers.

“I’m not taking this anymore,” Walker said in a statement released on Monday. “I want to sue the Daily Beast for spreading this defamatory hoax.” It will be filed the next morning.

Walker was interviewed on Fox News Monday night by Sean Hannity, who asked him about the rumoured $700 payment to the lady who talked to the Daily Beast.

Walker said, “I send money to a lot of folks.” “I never asked someone to have an abortion, and I never paid for one.”

I can assure you we stand by every word and feel extremely firm about the report,” Daily Beast Political Editor Matt Fuller said on Twitter.

Christian Walker said of his father in one of his tweets following the Daily Beast story: “I don’t care about someone who had a poor history and accepts accountability.” But how can you LIE and pretend to be some’moral, Christian, upright man?’ You’ve spent your life DESTROYING other people’s lives. You’re a jerk.”

Herschel Walker then wrote, “I LOVE my son anyway.


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