Here’s how you can file an I-T return for a deceased person as the deadline nears


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All are settled by death. But not when it comes to income. . Even after death, the It is not possible to hold the person responsible. The If the income received by the family for the benefit of the deceased person exceeds the basic exemption limit, then a tax must still be paid. The current exemption limit is Rs 5.25 lakh per annum.

If the If it is not filed the legal heir is responsible for paying the penalty and/or fines. They could also be subject to penal consequences. They will only be responsible for the taxes and penalties up to the value of the inheritance.

The amount of tax due by the decedent will determine the penalty the heir must pay. The heir could end up paying all of the inheritance if the tax liability of the deceased is higher than the bracket in which they are located.

Let’s say, for example, that a person receives Rs 5 lakh from a share of deceased person’s assets. The deceased has a tax liability of Rs 15 lakh. The heir is legally liable for a maximum amount of Rs 5 lakh in tax/penalty to the deceased. The heir can not use the personal wealth or property of the deceased to reduce the remaining liability.

Who is a legal inheritor?

The assets of the deceased person are represented by the legal heir. A court or the registered Will can declare him/her as a legal inheritor. You can register on the portal of the Income Tax Department (I-T division). These are the legal heir certificates that can be accepted:

  • The local revenue officer issues a legal heir certificate.

  • A certificate from the court of justice.

  • The local authorities/ Municipality/ Nagar Palika issue a certificate to the surviving relatives.

  • Register will

  • Banks issue a letter on their letterhead certifying that the person named as the legal representative of the deceased.

How do I register as a legal inheritor on the portal of I-T Department?

  • Go to the official portal for I-T departments

  • Log in using your legal heir credentials

  • Click on “Authorized partners”, then click on “Register as Representative”, and finally click on “Let’s Get Started”.

  • Click on “Create a new request”

  • Enter your personal details

  • Upload all required documents, such as the death certificate and PAN Card of deceased.

  • Click on “Proceed” and then “Verify the request”.

  • Click on “Submit request”

  • An acknowledgement receipt will be sent from I-T.

After the request has been approved, you can file the document. After the request has been approved, the legal heir may file the With the assistance of a chartered accountant (CA), or by them.

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