Here’s How California Is Protecting Yosemite’s Famous Sequoia Trees From Wildfires


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Fire crews in Yosemite National Park are taking extreme measures this week to protect the park’s famous more than 500 giant sequoia trees as the Washburn wildfire continues to grow and threatens Mariposa Grove.

The Key Facts

Yosemite Fire and Aviation Management Installed a sprinkler system around the base of the park’s famous Grizzly Giant Sequoia–which at 209 feet tall is one of the largest in the world—in order to keep the surrounding ground damp, increase the area’s humidity and protect the tree from potential fire.

Crews also use this method Intentional Fire MeasuresYou can use burn lines to control the spread of the fire, which causes less damage than if it were to spread naturally.

Galen Clark’s 19th-century cabin near the grove has been wrapped. ProtectiveScott Gediman, Yosemite spokesperson for CNN, suggested foil as a precaution measure. However, a Monday park report stated that foil isn’t being used to protect any of its attractions.Giant sequoias.

On Monday afternoon, the fire had reached 2,340 acres. 25%Photos showing smoke and flames at the feet of giant sequoia trees.

Many visitors and residents from nearby communities stayed in campgrounds or other local accommodation. Ordained to EvacuateLast week, the remainder of the national park was open on Monday.

The Key Background

The blaze is also known as the Washburn Fire,The fire was first reported near the Washburn Trail, in the sequoia tree grove. The exact location of the fire in Yosemite National Park is not listed. There are many natural barriersThis is where firefighters can use their skills to put out fires and slow them down. The fire threatens the safety hundreds of thousands-year-old sequoia trees. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed giant sequoias as an endangered species. They are one of the largest trees on Earth and only native to California, specifically the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Recent fires have resulted in the Destruction of thousands of sequoiasAccording to the National Park Service, it is.


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