Govt bus collides with truck carrying iron wires in Tamil Nadu’s Chengalpattu; 6 dead, 10 hurt


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Six people were killed and 10 more injured in an accident that involved a Tamil Nadu government, a truck carrying iron wires near Chengalpattu. The bus was trying overtake the truck when it collided with the bus.

The accident happened near Tamil Nadu’s Chengalpattu.


  • A bus from Tamil Nadu’s government collided on Friday with an iron wire-carrying lorry
  • The accident resulted in the deaths of six people and injuring 10 more.
  • Police are now identifying victims and have moved the injured to nearby hospitals.

Six people were killed and more than ten others were injured when a government bus collided with a truck carrying iron wires near Tamil Nadu’s Chengalpattu on Friday Morning, July 8.

A 50-passenger government bus was travelling from Chennai to Chidambaram. The accident happened near Acharapakkam, Chengalpattu district.

The preliminary report states that the government bus attempted to pass a lorry ahead of it. Iron wires were loaded on the lorry. The bus collided with the truck while trying to pass it.

(Visuals can be disturbing. It is recommended that viewers exercise discretion.

Five people, 2 of them women, were among the victims. As many as 10 others were also seriously hurt.

The Acharapakkam Police received the information and quickly rushed to the scene to rescue the injured. They then sent them to Chengalpattu Government Hospitals and Maduranthakam Government Hospitals. Another person died at the hospital, but he did not respond to treatment.

Police also took the remains of the victims and transported them to Madurantakam Government Hospital. Police are also trying to identify the deceased.

Traffic on the Chennai-Trichy National Highway was disrupted for approximately an hour by the accident. After the bus involved in the accident had been removed, vehicular traffic was restored to normal.



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