Google ChromeOS Flex comes out of beta to help stop ransomware threats


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Today, GoogleChromeOS Flex, its free, chromium based operating system, has been released to beta. 

ChromeOS Flex is a cloud-driven, secure operating system for PCs and MACs that can be installed via USB and managed by other Chrome OS devices. 

Chrome OS Flex is a Chrome OS alternative that uses the same codebase, but Chrome OS Flex is able to be installed on Windows or Mac computers, which opens up the possibility of millions of new users. 

Google has made ChromeOS Flex accessible to early access users since February 2022. There are over 400 devices now certified for Flex. These can be managed via the Google Admin console and the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade. 

Enterprises will find the OS a secure and user-friendly OS that they can quickly deploy across their entire fleet of remote employees to minimize the possibility of data loss. 

As the OS of choice for security 

ChromeOS Flex is being launched as more organizations struggle to deal modern ransomware. Malware threats. For example: ResearchIt is clear that ransomwareAttacks increased by 92.7% in 2021 when compared to 2020. They grew from 1,389 reported incidents to 2,690 lastyear. 

This is due to the difficulty of remote work and the need to ensure that employees are protected against all vulnerabilities. 

74% of IT managers actually believe that remote workThis makes it more difficult for employees to adhere to good security practices. 

ChromeOS Flex solves this problem by allowing users to manage their devices through Google Admin console. Users can control updates for multiple devices and also have the option to remotely wipe out or disable compromised devices. 

“ChromeOS Flex provides much needed protection from growing threats, including ransomware, malware, and employee errors,” said Group Product Manager at Chrome OS, Mike Wendling.  

 For example, with a one-page guide and a USB drive, employees across 200 Nordic Choice hotels were able to bring 2000 previously compromised computers back online in under 48 hours by converting them all to Chrome OS Flex, protecting their business from a costly extended shutdown,” Wendling said. 

In this situation, Nordic Choice Hotels managed to use the rapid deployment capability to reduce the overall impact of a ransomware incident and restore critical operations, that they wouldn’t have been able to with a less remote-friendly browser. 

How does ChromeOSFLex fit in the OS market? 

ChromeOS Flex, the newest OS competitor, is up against established players like Windows 11It is used by approximately 1.44 percent Computers.

However, while Windows 11 has a much wider user base and diverse ecosystem of Microsoft consumer and enterprise tools, it’s also a much bigger target. Windows is a popular platform for malware development. 

In contrast, Chrome OS Flex has the potential to provide a secure alternative to Windows, not only because it’s exposed to a much lower volume of threats, but because it doesn’t support native applications, meaning that malware has limited room damage data held on the device. 

At the same time, it’s competing against the diverse Linux ecosystem. According to, less than 2% computers use Linux. TurboFutureDistributions such as Ubuntu offer consumers and enterprises greater control over the applications that they deploy. 

Chrome OS Flex is a great choice for protecting older laptops and PCs. USB-based deployment makes it easy for users to upgrade systems that have been discontinued, which will become more relevant in the future when OS’s like Windows 10 come to end of life security support. 

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