Facebook’s new feed is great for staying connected with friends and family


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Feeds can be defined as tabs within the Facebook app that display the most recent posts of your friends.

“Home”, the main news feed will be more like a discovery engine based on your online activities.

This is a nod towards a simpler social-media experience that emphasized family and friends.


Facebook is launching a new feature on Thursday that lets users see posts in reverse chronological order rather than content that’s been ranked by an algorithm.

Facebook’s new “Feeds” tool allows users to see all their friends’ most recent posts through a tab within the app. According to the company, the main news feed will no more be called “Home” and instead will act as a “discovery tool” based on users’ online habits.

Image Source: Irish News

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted on Thursday that people want to know they don’t miss their friends’ posts. So today we’re introducing a new tab where you can view your posts, groups, Pages, and more in chronological order.

Recent announcements have seen Meta increasingly feature Zuckerberg as the face for its latest product reveals. The company’s founder has posted multiple updates to Facebook. The company recently lost Sheryl Sandberg, the long-serving Chief Operation Officer, and Mike Schroepfer, Chief Technology Officer.

According to Meta spokespersons, the feature will begin rolling out worldwide over the next week starting with mobile devices. The desktop version will be released in the coming weeks.

This is a nod towards the simple social media experience of the past, which was pioneered by Facebook. In that time, family and friends were the main focus of the feed.

Meta is also competing with TikTok in personalizing the “Home” tab. Meta is trying mimic the Chinese-owned video chat app’s popularity among younger “Gen Z”, largely because of its addictive recommendation algorithm.

You’ll find Reels and Meta’s TikTok clone on Home as well as Stories, personalized content, and more.

Because of the impact their platforms have had on society, regulatory agencies are looking closely at Google, Facebook and other Big Tech firms. The most hot topic is the use of personal data to boost posts that get the most engagement such as fake news and targeted advertising.


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