Facebook Users Report Celebrity Spam Flooding Their Feeds


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Facebook users are reporting an influx of celebrity spam appearing in their feeds, and the company behind the social network says it’s working to fix the problem. The influx of content from celebrities trying to promote their latest project or initiative has been linked to apps used by Facebook users to send out updates about their day-to-day lives, such as Instagram, Spotify, and Tinder. A quick search on Twitter indicates that many Facebook users are seeing posts from Robin Thicke and other celebrities in their news feeds alongside posts from friends and family members they’ve chosen to follow or those they’ve liked on Facebook.

Image Source- CNBC

Don’t believe everything you see
We’ve all seen those posts from our friends on Facebook – the ones that show a celebrity endorsing a product or service. And while it’s easy to click and share, you should know that not everything you see on Facebook is true. In fact, many of these posts are nothing more than spam. Reports have shown that celebrities themselves don’t post these ads; instead, they pay other companies to create them for them. You can avoid this by checking out where the post came from: does it seem like it was written by someone who has been posting for years? If so, then you can trust what they say about a particular product or service; if not, then be cautious.

What types of pages are susceptible to this?
The types of pages that are susceptible to this are fan pages, business pages, and event pages. The reason being is because these are the types of pages that people are more likely to Like and follow. And when people Like and follow these kinds of pages, they’re more likely to see the content that is posted on them. This is why celebrity spam is such a problem on Facebook. It’s because people are constantly Liking and following new pages, without really knowing what they’re getting themselves into.

What are some ways to combat this?
If you’re seeing a lot of celebrity spam in your Facebook feed, there are a few things you can do to combat it. First, make sure that you’re only following verified accounts. Second, report any spammy posts that you see. Third, hide or unfollow any pages that regularly post spam. Fourth, use Facebook’s built-in controls to limit the amount of posts you see from any one person or page.

How will Facebook stop it?
The social media giant is no stranger to spam, but a recent surge in celebrity-themed spam has caught many users off guard. The spam takes the form of fake profile pages and posts that promise free gifts or prize money. While Facebook has yet to comment on the situation, it’s likely that they are working on a solution to stop the spam from spreading. In the meantime, users can take steps to protect themselves by being cautious of clickbait links and avoiding posts that seem too good to be true.


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