Eli Lilly and Cummins speak out against Indiana’s new abortion law


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One of Indiana’s largest employers, Eli Lilly, predicted that the state will move away from its current territory as a result of the recently imposed abortion restrictions.
Over the weekend, Cummins, which employs around 10,000 people in Indiana, also spoke out against the new law.
Since the US Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, Indiana’s legislature became the first in the country to approve new legislation restricting access to abortions.

Image Source- IndyStar

One of Indiana’s largest employers, the pharmaceutical corporation Eli Lilly, predicted that the state’s recently passed law prohibiting abortions will force the business to expand outside of its current geographic region.

Lilly acknowledged that abortion is a “divisive and deeply personal topic with no clear consensus among the population of Indiana,” according to a statement released on Saturday.

Eli Lilly stated that despite the lack of consensus, Indiana chose to swiftly enact one of the nation’s strictest anti-abortion legislation. “We worry that this rule will make it more difficult for Lilly and Indiana to draw in talented individuals in the fields of science, engineering, and business. We will be obliged to plan for additional employment development outside of our home state as a result of this new law.

Since the US Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, Indiana’s legislature became the first in the country to approve new legislation restricting access to abortions. After the Supreme Court decision in June that eliminated constitutional safeguards for the practise, the state’s legislature was one of the first Republican-led state legislatures to discuss stricter abortion regulations.

About 10,000 people work for Lilly in Indiana, where the company has had its headquarters in Indianapolis for more than 145 years.

Over the weekend, Cummins, an engine manufacturer with nearly 10,000 employees in Indiana, also voiced its opposition to the new law.

According to a corporate spokeswoman, “the freedom to make decisions about reproductive health guarantees that women have the same chance as anyone to engage fully in our workforce and that our workforce is diverse.”

According to a Cummins spokesman, “there are legal provisions that contradict with this, impact our personnel, hinder our ability to recruit and keep top talent, and influence our decisions as we continue to expand our footprint with a focus on choosing friendly and inclusive settings.”

The two corporations join a growing list of organisations, like computing giant Apple and denim retailer Levi Strauss, that are providing their staff with tools for reproductive care in places where restrictions have been put in place.

Despite adding travel for reproductive treatments to its employee health plan coverage, Eli Lilly noted on Saturday that “it may not be adequate for some current and potential employees.”

On September 15, Indiana’s abortion prohibition is anticipated to take effect. There are rare exceptions to this rule, such as where rape or incest is involved or when the mother’s life is in danger.

The administration of President Joe Biden has also criticised Indiana’s choice. It was described as a “devastating step” by Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary.

She added in a statement that it was “yet another bold step by Republican legislators to take away women’s reproductive rights and independence, and put personal health-care decisions in the hands of politicians instead of women and their doctors.”


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