Congress: India has a similar situation to Sri Lanka in recent years. Centre must take action: Maharashtra Congress


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The Maharashtra CongressWednesday’s statement claimed that India’s current economic condition is similar to India’s. Sri LankaThree years ago, and if the Centre does not take corrective action in time, it could become explosive. The CongressThe accused Bharatiya Janata Party (BJPThe alleged central government led by ) accused of failing to resolve the serious problems facing the people, but instead raising religious and communal issues and also alleging that Modi dispensation was painting an inaccurate picture that inflation is under control.

“While inflation is on a rise, the BJP Government is misleading the people by presenting a false picture before the country,” stated the chief spokesperson for the state unit of Congress. Atul LondheStatement.

In the past four-five years, essential commodities prices have risen dramatically. Nagpur is now home to a LPG gas cylinder that used to cost Rs 410. The price of edible oil, which was Rs 70 to Rs 200 per litre, and CNG, which costs Rs 36 to Rs 90 for each kg, has risen to Rs 1,100.

Long ago, petrol and diesel prices have surpassed the Rs 100 mark. The prices of vegetables are increasing. Londhe said that inflation is increasing and that the common man is being affected by it.

He claimed that the situation in India is very similar to Sri Lanka’s crisis-hit situation three years ago. If no steps are taken to address the gravity of the situation, it won’t take long before it explodes.

“But the government is manipulating the numbers to make it appear that inflation is under control. Some food grain numbers are being reduced to try and show that inflation is under control. While the government can paint a false picture with numbers, reality is very different,” he stated.

India’s current debt is now at 92% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A debt of USD 267 million will be repaid by the government within the next month. He said that the government will not allow these facts to be made public.

“The government is trying to distract attention from more pressing and real issues by bringing religion to the forefront. It will be costly. Londhe stated that Congress is protesting against Centre policies. He said the government must address the basic needs of the people promptly or else serious consequences could be faced.

Sri Lanka, which has 22 million inhabitants, is in the grip of unprecedented economic turmoil. It’s the worst for seven decades. Millions are struggling to pay for food, fuel, or medicine.


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