Bengal BJP lashes out at Union minister Kapil Mehrshwar Patil’s MGNREGA corruption comments.


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Kolkata: One day after Union Panchayat MoS Kapil Moreshwar PatelPatil, who claimed in Kolkata that there was no corruption within MNREGA on Friday, said that he had heard that utilization certificates are not issued after completion of work. He will conduct physical surveys in Panchayat areas next month to see if there is corruption. BJP Bengal leadership, including state president Sukanta MajumdarFormer President Dilip Ghosh in Bengal.

West Bengal BJP leaders claim that Union Minister of States (MoS), Patil is not aware of the extent to which corruption has been committed in the implementation MGNREGAHe is a junior minister in West Bengal. Following comments by the BJP Bengal leaders, Patil claimed today that he has heard about corruption and never commented that it was “corruption free”. Patil said, “During my visit next month, I will visit various Panchayats and will look into the corruption issues.”

“Patil is a minister of state and not well aware of the facts and ground realities. You have to speak to the union cabinet minister in charge of the department,” West Bengal BJP president Sukanta Majumdar said on Thursday, speaking on corruption related issues.

BJP national vice-president Dilip Ghosh claimed that “The central team come, stay in hotels and spend leisurely time here and submit reports in a way that block development officers wanted them to do. So, it is quite natural that he (Patil) will not be aware of the ground reality,” Ghosh said.

The ruling Trinamool seized the opportunity and claimed the state BJP has been lying about corruption in the implementation of the scheme in the state and should not make “false allegations”. Kunal Ghosh of Trinamool stated that Patil had said the truth, and that the state BJP has been caught lying regarding corruption in MGNREGA. “The union minister himself has said he is not aware of any corruption. BJP should apologise for making false allegations,” Ghosh said.


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