Apple’s AR iPhone Tool lets you see your room without furniture


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Although redecorating a room can be a huge undertaking, augmented reality allows users to see new furniture pieces in the space. A new feature has been added to the app. Apple introduced developers last month, you won’t have to move a single itemBefore you place a virtual couch or coffee table in your real space.

It is a Swift API new feature called RoomPlan that leverages Apple’s ARKit as well an iPhone or an iPad with a camera and LiDAR (short for Light Detection and Ranging). The scanner is capable of generating 3D floor plans with precise measurements and features, such as windows, doors, and other furniture. It can then edit your shot to remove the furniture while maintaining the room intact. Apple announced it last month at WWDC 2022. Introduced the API with a videoThis video shows what the RoomPlan app API can do, and how it could be used in mobile apps.

Apple RoomPlan API — WWDC 2022

Using augmented reality to try out a new piece of furniture in a room before you buy it isn’t an entirely new idea. Ikea’s been doing it for years through its mobile apps, and Last month, the Swedish furniture manufacturerThe new tool allows you to create a static image of your room and have all the furniture digitally deleted. You can then add furniture or move it around. This was an interesting upgrade but it lacked interactivity. One could not move around the empty virtual space or see the new furniture from different angles.

Using the new RoomPlan API and a few other AR tools, digitally erasing existing furniture in an interactive 3D room is apparently something that’s quite feasible, as Russ MaschmeyerShopify’s AR/VR experience designer is presently titled. Twitter recently displayed.

Maschmeyer describes an augmented reality tool in the video as a reset button that can be used to transform a room. After a LiDAR equipped Apple device is used to scan and capture imagery of the space, everything from furniture, to rugs on the floor, to even vents and AC units on the walls, can be instantly erased, leaving behind the interior designer’s equivalent of a blank canvas.

The RoomPlan API only creates a simple 3D model for a room. This does not include the crude shapes used to represent furniture or other objects. To preserve the original appearance of the captured room with everything in it magically erased, Maschmeyer and his team used the scanning device’s camera to capture textures of walls and floors that were then applied to the surfaces of the 3D model, which is overlaid on top of the existing room in real-time using augmented reality. Although this technique sometimes required the digitally-padding and extension of some textures due to furniture, it is functionality that can be integrated into an app that will allow for automatic handling. Ikea Kreativ tool doesIt is also fully interactive in 3D for the user.

The days of carrying paint swatches from the hardware store home and then trying to envision how your room will look with that color on the wall are long gone. But more importantly, augmented reality’s biggest promise could be furniture shopping without ever having to navigate Ikea’s maze-like showrooms ever again.


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