Ankit Fatehpuria is named co-founder at Zetwerk, a digital manufacturing company.


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Zetwerk is a digital manufacturing company that announced on Thursday the promotion of Ankit Fatehpuria to the fifth cofounder. It was stated that Fatehpuria, who joined Zetwerk March 2019, set up the finance department for the company.

He also started and scaled several business verticals while he was in finance. Fatehpuria was also instrumental in establishing relationships with financial institutions and banks for the company, both within India as well as abroad.

The firm said he will now be even more closely involved in helping Zetwerk’s mission to modernise manufacturing and to build an enduring company.

“Ankit’s (Fatehpuria)contribution to building Zetwerk has been exemplary,” said Amrit Acharya, co-founder and CEO, Zetwerk. “He has demonstrated great leadership in crucial situations.”

Fatehpuria worked as an ITC category manager and an ITC internal auditor before joining Zetwerk. He is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, and an alumnus of St Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

Zetwerk was established in 2018 by Amrit Acharya and Srinath Ramakkrushnan as well as Rahul Sharma, Vishal Chaudhary, and Srinath Srinath.

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