Amazon Offers Improved Services to Third-Party Sellers in the EU Probe


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Amazon has offered to make some changes on its platform for third-party sellers in an effort to placate the EU.

The company will no longer use the data it gathers from third-party vendors to benefit its business. It will also boost the visibility of the sellers’ products by giving them equal treatment when posting offers in the coveted Amazon “Buy Box” spot – which highlights one seller and generates the majority of sales on the platform.

Amazon is also offering a second option that allows sellers to pick their own delivery and logistics providers rather than being tied into Amazon’s services.

Amazon has made concessions as part of its efforts to help customers. Europe’s worries can be soothedIt abuses its dual role as both a seller and a marketplace operator and owner. The European Commission launched an antitrust investigation in 2019 after small sellers complained that Amazon was using their data to outsell them on selling products.

This investigation is just one of many that the European Commission has used in order to investigate the activities and policies of large US tech companies and ensure European consumers get the best deals and services. Amazon could save itself from a long legal battle and pay huge fines up to 10% annually by offering to make the changes immediately.

A new EU law, Digital Markets ActNext year’s upcoming regulations could make it more difficult for large tech companies. They will be designated as gatekeepers, and they will be closely monitored to make sure they are not abusing their dominant position in the market.

“While we have serious concerns that the Digital Markets Act unfairly targets Amazon and a few other US corporations, and disagree with many conclusions drawn by the European Commission, we have engaged constructively to address their concerns, preserve our ability to service European customers, and the more than 185,000 small- and medium-sized European businesses selling through our shops,” stated an Amazon spokesperson. Amazon is the largest company to care more about small businesses, and has done more support for them over the last two decades than any other.

Third-party sellers will now have the opportunity to review Amazon’s concessions and give feedback to the EU by September 9.


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