Amazon Finally Delivers on Prime Video with ‘Thursday Night Football’ Rights


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The exclusive distribution rights to “Thursday Night Football” were purchased by Amazon for $1 billion.
The business thinks that its new statistical technology and other broadcast elements would please viewers.
In the previous year, at least 80 million US Prime Video customers used the app.

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The age of National Football League games only airing on a streaming service is here, much to the delight and chagrin of football fans throughout the United States.

This coming season, “Thursday Night Football” will air exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, making it the first time in league history that a streaming service has carried a full slate of national games. The San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans play in a preseason game on August 25, ushering in the new era.

The Los Angeles Chargers’ Week 2 NFL match against the Kansas City Chiefs on September 15 will mark the debut of Amazon’s regular season. The games will also be carried on local radio stations for the teams participating in a particular week.

This week, Amazon agreed to a partnership with Nielsen to measure the telecasts, demonstrating its confidence in expected high ratings. According to a May statement from the firm, 80 million US users have viewed Amazon Prime Video at least once in the last year. To put things in perspective, Netflix had 73.3 million paying monthly customers in the United States and Canada at the end of the second quarter. In the United States and Canada, Disney+ had 44.5 million members at the conclusion of its most recent quarter.

To watch the games, one must either purchase an Amazon Prime membership, which costs $14.99 per month or $139 annually, or a Prime Video subscription, which costs $8.99 per month.

New game features

Live games will instantly begin playing when users go onto in order to draw viewers toward the NFL broadcast, which costs Amazon $1 billion annually. The games will also be prominently displayed on Prime Video’s main screen to draw viewers’ attention to the fact that they are being played in real time.

The option to watch, record, or rewind the programme will be available to viewers. If a viewer selects record, they will instantly have access to every game for the whole season.

Additionally, Amazon is introducing new technological features. With its X-Ray technology, Amazon will enable consumers to view real-time statistics on screen across the majority of platforms (it is still working on the technology with Roku). They will also contain so-called next-generation statistics, such as average throw time for quarterbacks and yards after contact for running backs and receivers, in addition to conventional metrics like yards and touchdowns. The outfits of the players will be improved with chips from Amazon Web Services, enabling real-time changes.

For those who missed the opening action and want to catch up, Amazon will also offer a consumer package of highlights through X-Ray that updates during the game. Users of Fire TV will be able to voice orders into the remote control, such as “play the last touchdown” or “display me stats.” For Thursday Night Football’s start of the regular season, those features will be available.

Amazon will also provide alternate broadcasts for those who prefer a less serious telecast, starting with the well-known comedic YouTube group Dude Perfect. This follows a trend set by Disney’s ESPN and Paramount Global. Over time, Amazon intends to provide more alternative streams.

Growing pains

Expect some growth pains. For instance, Amazon is ready for criticism from upset viewers whose internet connections might not be sufficient to support a livestream or from viewers who are still unsure of how to navigate streams.

We vow to continuously listen to our consumers, iterate, and purposefully design new and better methods for more fans to play the games. “Free from bandwidth and channel constraints that impede optionality on linear platforms,” stated Amazon spokesperson Tim Buckman.

Amazon is certain that viewers will like its main programme. Buckman said Amazon’s objective is to be outstanding at delivering the basic game viewing experience before being imaginative, whereas Apple TV+ received a lot of initial criticism for attempting to be distinctive with its Major League Baseball games.

Al Michaels, a broadcasting great who left NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” and veteran college football commentator Kirk Herbstreit will do play-by-play for Amazon.


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